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Without Love

Not everyone is so lucky,
To be in love for ever and ever;
Things are gonna last for you,
Only if you are absolutely clever.

Love sure is an awesome feeling,
Makes you want to live each day;
It shows you magic and casts spells,
Gets you past even when things don't go your way.

It brings on joy and the smiles,
It makes you laugh till you cry;
But when the cry takes over the laugh,
That's when your life is put to try.

Not everyone survives the test of time,
Some make it and some simply lose;
How you're gonna handle both,
Is something that you need to choose.

Its not easy even when love lasts,
Its is a kind of a healthy chore;
You do have support to work on it,
But you don't have to keep the score.

Love should be a part of life,
The part should not take over everything;
If you let that happen,
Then you sure are gonna be left with nothing.

Love can show you new highs,
But sometimes can make you want to throw a fit;
One thing is for sure that no matter what,
Its impossible to live without it.


  1. I hate to pimp my blog here, but you might like to read something I wrote a while back 'Love life even if you have no love life'@


  2. That sure was worth a read! Check out my comment..

  3. Haha.. that was too kind! Thanks.. :)


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