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Man vs Food

An additional talent has always been a turn on when it comes to men, for me. Looks are a priority yes, but it features close to the last on my priority list. Personality, top one! I don't care much about the face as long as he has the right things at the right place and nothing extra. A moustache is unpardonable, but a day old beard gains an extra point. Height and apt weight is the biggest ever turn on. I don't like beefed up guys, nor the flimsy ones. Sleek is the word I presume. Take Ranbir Kapoor for example.

Reading comes a close second. Men who read have some extra zing to them. I'm not talking geeks here, who sit with a book and glasses under every pretext. If you have the personality and you can read, then voila! A friend of mine sent me this link and it was the perfect time killer while my code took its course of two hours to run.

Singing, playing an instrument or a sport is of course a turn on, but of late men who can cook has taken over the third spot. I'd be lying if I said that it has nothing to do with Adithya Bal. He put the bell in my mind and it has been ringing ever since. There is something about the men who can cook. I think the turn on is because women think that they are well taken care of (read well fed), in the company of such men. Or probably just the fact that they will not be the only one spending time in the kitchen post marriage can be attractive. If you have the personality, can read and are a foodie, consider half the work done!

Adithya Bal with his sleek frame travelling all over the country in a Harley Davidson in search of good food is quite a sight. Being a foodie, I like the company of guys who have at least some knowledge of food. Very few guys whom I know personally are of this kind. Most of them are of those kind who has the same satisfaction when they eat a Masala Dosa or a Lasagna. Or there are a few who say "anything" when they are handed the menu. Puts me off big time. I feel that people who don't have a zest for food are the ones who don't have a zest for life. Again, this is only my opinion.

Gordon Ramsay, the demon chef of 'Hell's Kitchen' is probably the meanest person to be in the kitchen, but I completely adore him for his knowledge of food. George Columbaris of 'Masterchef Australia' is probably the cutest chef ever. I love his enthusiasm. Jamie Oliver from 'Oliver's Twist' is extremely experimenting with food but they always work. Tom Colicchio of 'Top Chef' is the perfect clumsy judge. And how can I not mention Curtis Stone of 'Take home chef'. With looks like that, its hard for the viewer to concentrate on food, but he does a wonderful job at it. I remember his saffron ice cream with strawberry coulis which remained an addiction for a really long time. Obviously I only found the Indian variant if it, 'Kesar ice cream with strawberry syrup', but it sure did please my taste buds.

In this chauvinistic country of ours, cooking has always been a known profession for women. It is a must for women to have this default talent. Very few men take to cooking but now I'm glad the norm is changing. After Bal, we have Rocky and Mayur of 'Highway on my plate'. Although they don't cook, their hunger for different kinds of food is appealing. Sanjeev Kapoor, the first well known male chef of India is a domestic God. His wife is sure one hell of a lucky lady. Kunal Vijaykar of 'The Foodie' is the perfect example of a foodie. He eats well and it shows. Nikhil Chib, Vicky Ratnani are those gourmet specialists who try to simplify food. Well I just hope that this trend catches on very well in India.


  1. reading your blog i'm imagining the next time you enter a restaurant , you giving those come hither looks to the chef!! :)

    just imagine biting your lower lip and twisting them at the same time(it's an art so practice uh) :)and peering over the counter or inside the kitchen looking for the chef!! :)

  2. Haha, that art is something that comes by birth to all females.. So so cliche' though :P

    Well, If the chef has the personality and is found reading a book, I might give it a shot! :)

  3. I read somewhere that Sanjeev kapoor never enters his kitchen at home...So much for being a good chef:-)Its understandable though...would you like to work after work,doing the same thing at home:-)
    I am not a foodie,but some chefs get me interested(in food)like Giada de Laurentiis.
    If only we had more chefs of that variety,maybe men would flock to cook;-)

  4. Yeah yeah.. I didn't say that I need a professional chef. I meant a guy who can generally cook. But if he's a chef like Curtis Stone, I'd cook every meal for him all my life ;)

    Oh man, Giada! She's quite something yeah. I mean her recipes :)

    You missed out Nigella!! :D

  5. Oh yeah..Nigella too.My biggest complaint with her show is the confusion regarding which is the delicacy:P

  6. I knew that was coming, and in the exact way it did!


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