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Hell and Back

Sometimes you breathe love,
Sometimes you breathe fire;
No matter what you do,
You'll be my only desire.

They say I'm crazy,
Maybe what they say is true;
I need to be saved,
No one can do that but you.

Sometimes I lose myself,
Sometimes I lose my soul;
I need to feel complete,
Only you can make me feel whole.

I need you in my life,
I need you till the final act;
I feel that I'm tied to you,
Bound by vows and sealed by a pact.

Some days it feels uneasy to live,
Some days its hurts to pretend;
Some days its all about the pain,
And those are the days that never end.

Days get more longer,
And the night passes with tears;
At times it feels better to give up,
Rather than to live with these fears.

I would do anything for you,
I'd run right into hell and back;
I would do anything for your love,
I love you and that's a fact.


  1. I would do anything for love. But I won't do that!
    One song that gave me chills down the spine once upon a time :)


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