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Impending Doom

After long I sit down to pen an emotional heart wrenching love poem. Had decided against it, but I just felt like it today; and I'm pretty happy with what came out. I just had to put myself in that frame of mind and voila, words began to flow! But the only problem is that I didn't feel half as bad before writing it than how I felt after reading it. As my best friend says, I seriously don't know why I do this to myself.

I guess I had forgotten the past,
Anyway I knew that it wouldn't last;
But then came true my biggest fear,
I fell more in love with him the past year.

Its my fault I lost my mind,
Sanity I now can't seem to find;
Even brain and heart no longer bind,
How could I have been so blind?

Its bad that I had to go through it once,
Again, how am I gonna get past it?
How am I gonna extinguish?
This painful fire that I've re-lit.

Madness follows its own course,
I've been pushed by some damned force;
How do I pull myself up?
Hadn't I already given up?

Bad things had taken over the good,
But again good overlapped the bad;
But now that everything went sour,
I can't seem to live with this scar.

I knew what my intention was,
But then realisation dawned out of the bloom;
I wanted to get out of love,
Instead I can sense impending doom.

I understood it would never work out,
Every chance seemed so slim;
Even as miles stood between us,
How could I fall more in love with him?