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You and I

Yes, you and I are different
But we are not like pro and con
If that were to be the case
Our love would have long gone

You are not the perfect guy
Nor am I the impeccable girl
But only you can give me goose bumps
And skillfully make my toes curl

You are down to earth
And I am the blazing fire
But together we evoke
All the nine parts of desire

You don't have to do anything
Still my love seems to multiply in herds
You sure are the master of voices
But you make me the mistress of words

You may be the charging bull
And I the roaring lioness dame
But if anyone reads both our hearts
Words they find will be the same

I was supposed to purr and roar
Kill and prance around in glee
But look at what I now have become
Only you could have tamed me

I can so easily get lost in your eyes
You drive me crazy with your wild side
At times you seem like a mystery
Showing me so much, yet so much to hide