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Heart Prints

Others can make me feel good
While you can make it great
Your smile erases everything else
Only you seem to have this trait

I sure do enjoy solitude
But your thought never seems to leave
How can you stay in my mind 24x7
At times its hard to believe

Others can cheer me up
But nothing when compared to you
You take me to extremes of happiness
This fact I always knew

A warm hug always consoles me
But your touch satiates me whole
Others can only talk to me
But your words reach my soul

There sure are priorities
But you make it to the top of the list
I do mix with others
But I'm enveloped in your mist

People come, people go
But you have held on strong
Others leave behind foot prints
But you only leave fresh heart prints


  1. wow!!! so much love on one page. I have been thru all ur posts on this blog...looks like someone is really smitten

  2. Smitten would be an understatement :)


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