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All those unspoken words
All those unsure moods
Swinging from love to lust
Your presence now seems a must

No matter where I hide
Your love seems to follow me
Holding me strong, showing me things
Even those that I don't want to see

You just have to smile
And all the starts shine down
If I have you in front of me
Never again shall I frown

Your the wind, who sets me free
But your thoughts imprison me
Wanting me to be what you need
And never once letting me be me

If you thought that I'd give up on you
You're crazy cos I'm really strong
If you think that I don't love you
Then you are simply wrong

Even if its not meant to be
My heart only knows your chime
Maybe not in this birth
But next time I want you to be mine

Its never ever been easy
To stop my heart's call
Its never easy to cry your eyes out
And alone try to wipe them all

When you touch me
It gets me weak in the knee
Its rains in a thirsty desert
When you kiss me

I can't breathe without you
Cos my breath is your disciple
My blood then begins to freeze
And then slowly turns purple


  1. Wow, this is amaazing and so well rhymed :)
    Loved it immensely much!

  2. Thanks Koo.. Thank you very much :)

  3. Your hands are doing miracle..your words are so magical....soothing as always!!!


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