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Happy New Year everyone!

My year began with a bang, and I seriously don't remember when I have laughed so much or danced so much before. It was a mad mad night and I hope the madness continues for the rest of the year.

2010 left on a very good note. Things came out in the open and its all clear now. I can understand things much better now. I could before too but I never did want to. But now, its out there in front of me every single day to see, and live. Absolutely no regrets.

Better late than never they say. True. I'm happy now. Very happy. I guess life is a nice place when you let go of the expectations and try to make the best of what or who comes your way. Seriously at times I feel its the best to let go. Holding on to something painful never has and never will help anyone. Its funny that I realised this when I was staring at my drink last night. Whatever, I'm glad it did strike me.

Trying to make a future out of yesterdays is so not right.

So here I am, writing this with a smile on my face. No, not smiling through the pain. There is no more pain. There can be no more pain. That was 2009 :). I know I'm sounding really foolish and confused here, but for me it makes perfect sense. More so than you can think. From now on, its gonna be all about me. I need to start living for myself now. As me, for me. No strings attached.


  1. And you were doing great injustice to that glass of wine by just starting at it and thinking. Did you make up to this by drinking a double? You should, just in case. :P

    Bless you, and yes, change is in the cards... and they are sure good changes in this decade.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @Soumya: to be frank this post is sounding less foolish than the previous one. Stick to this attitude and life will be smooth sailing. Nothing pays more than reminding yourself how special you are... People who walk away don't matter. I wish that this year be the best for you, a turning point in your life; from here you should never have to look back.

  3. @Stranger, I told ya, its never too late :)

    @BA, Oh yeah I more than made up for the injustice by more doubles than I could count. Now that you mentioned it, I guess I'll have another too :P. Thank you so much. Yeah, its only gonna be good changes this year. I've got a gut feeling :).

    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead..

    @Savan, Not you too. I literally got killed by quite a few people for the previous post :(. But that's something I had to do. I needed to get it out of my system and it did come straight out from the heart. I suddenly felt blank and paralysed and that is what came out. As I said, no regrets though.

    Its all gonna be smooth sailing from now on. Thank you so much for your wishes and I sincerely wish the same for you too.

    This is going to be a vital year in my life and I intend to make the best out of it. Not to worry, I've turned my back on the 'looking back'..


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