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I am

I am the color red
On that bright pretty rose
I am the early morning dew
Or the water that just froze

I am the memory
Of the things to come
I am the glue
That binds things as one

I am the road
Which has no end
I am the force
That you need to defend

I am the art
Of a lovely dream
I am the shrill
Of a frightened scream

I am the madness
Of a day of fun
I am the heavy cloud
That can hide the sun

I'm the twilight
Of your midnight thoughts
In this life of strings
I am holding the knots

I am the breezing wind
Towards the painful fire
I am mother earth's
All forms of desire

I am the voiceless echo
Of an odourless scent
I am the agonised hate
I am what love meant

I am the temptation
That causes you to cave
I am the power
That you take to the grave

I am the close friend
That you want to know
I'm the one with piercing eyes
I am your deadliest foe

I am the laugh
Of a distant cry
In a series of attempts
I am your final try

I am the blood
Gurgling through your heart
I am the venom
That can tear you apart

In the perfect stone wall
I am the prominent crack
I am the white dove
Belonging to lady black

I am the love
Storming through the lust
When the mirror shatters
I form the shiny dust

I am the life
At the end of a rope
In a mindless journey
I am your hope


  1. It's not very related, but I was reminded of this fine song when I read this :

    You must have heard it, it's called "Gin soaked boy"

  2. Never heard of it until today. The lyrics are interesting though..

    I'll soon come out with my version of 'Vodka soaked girl' now :)

  3. Someone said
    We can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains.,

    and here I see the words dangling between bright and dark, but I like the ABABAB rhyming scheme.

    I dance in tune with what I fear
    To do adrenaline
    Completely rapt with what I hear
    When passion colors everything
    The songs I sing, from way out there to deep within
    The face I wear behind my grin
    The mess I made to the original sin

    ~Poets of the Fall.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Dope in their veins and hope in their brains.. WOW :D

    Thanks BA, like always something new. Yeah, I was trying to bring out the positive, negative tone. U dint get it? :(

  5. you have a very deep sense of writing!
    keep up the good work. Reading you for the first time today and promising to be back again :)

  6. @Pulkit, Thank you and welcome! :)

  7. didn't I?
    let me read again.

    I am the close friend
    That you want to know
    I'm the one with piercing eyes
    I am your deadliest foe

    Positive and negative. Its like, if you wanna be bad then you gotta be good.
    Its like finding a silver line in darkest clouds and then trying to spot a cloud on a moonlit night.
    I say, don't try too hard, you can do wonders when you are at ease.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @BA, Okay Okay I get it now! Henceforth, more ease it is.

    Thanks :)

  9. Simple and beautiful :)

    Honestly, I'm not too big on poems, since I suck at them myself :P but this one was a nice rhyme :)


  10. Thanks Annie..

    Its not all that tough, try it!! :)

  11. I am impressed,
    by these mixed lines,
    I am just the life,
    which includes all these signs... :)

    nice one!

  12. @mk, Thanks..

    That was a good one too :)


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