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My Thought Basin

So, my blog crossed a 10,000 views today. That's not so bad for the 600 odd days its been on. I am happy of course and extremely nostalgic about the way I started of.

Rewind to March 2009, the most pathetic year of my life. I was going through total shit professionally, and the personal life seemed like a never ending quagmire. I was hurt, frustrated, confused, lost and every other negative word that you can think of. I was oblivious to the concept of blogs at that time. But once I saw my co-worker checking out someone's blog and I was like "That's a cool outlet to vent out frustrations". Honestly, that was the first thing on my mind and the very reason why LOL took shape. The hunt for an apt name was another nightmare. Being a Leo has caused me more bad than good and I was adamant to have Leo in the title. After a few brain storming sessions I decided on this one. The worst thing was I hadn't told anyone about my decision to start a blog, so I couldn't ask for suggestions either. After a few posts and when I felt confident enough I published the link. And the rest as they say, is history.

Every single emotion I went through, my blog had to go through the same. Frustrations, public lash out's at people, and no positive posts. My God, was I crazy or was I crazy? I cannot dare to go back and read my old posts. It gives me the creeps. It was all so juvenile and unpolished. Not that I'm great now, but still I'm proud of the way I've evolved since the start. My growth since 2 years is all out there and I'm surprised that my whole life is out there for people to see. But yeah, I've learnt where to draw the line and have retained the intricate details to myself. Throughout the journey, I have met a lot of wonderful people. Some fellow bloggers and some followers who have encouraged me to no end.

Blogspot to me is more fascinating that any other site out there. I love reading the lives of other people, their opinions and understandings. Its like a magical library where you get to connect mentally with unknown people. I have loved every bit of it. Laughed with a few and cried more. Met a lot of people like me and have felt comforted. Be it what ever reason for which I started the blog, but now I'm in love with it. Its a vital part of my life and has played an important role in giving me back my sanity.

But with good things come a few bad things. A lot of people has appreciated my posts and have been abundant with feedbacks. But a few of them have got extremely intrusive and interrogative. A few things that I've got over the years.

-- Please write only poetry. That too love poetry.
Err, Doesn't the owner of the blog get to choose what to write?

-- Is everything you write true?
I must be one hell of a depressed and tormented soul to make up such stuff, if I did.

-- Who do you write for?
Duh, isn't it on a public forum. Its for ALL.

-- Can I copy a few poems, if you don't mind.
Like if I said no, you wouldn't!

-- Name the person you're words are dedicated to.
If I wanted to, wouldn't I have done it long ago. Even if I did, like you'd know him.

-- Who are your intended audience?
As long as there are people, I'm fine with it.

-- Why does every post of yours have a picture?
Because I like it that way.

I don't recall all of it, but I guess this is a part and parcel of having a public journal. No regrets what so ever. I've loved each and every moment of it and thank you all lovely people for commenting and following.

Every single post that I have written is true and is solely based on my life and no other. Its my opinions, my views, my love, and my words. Its my humble journal & it is all about me! Narcissism personified!

Here's to more thousands of views, Cheers!!


  1. @soumya: Long live LOL! cheers!

  2. Congratulations, Soumya! Keep it on :o)

  3. Why does every post of yours end with a signature? :P
    Why do you write only lovelorn stuff? Write spiritual stuff too! :P

  4. Congrats Soumya!!

    even I started blogging for d same reason...and in the same situation...and today wen someone ask me about my best friend...I say "my blog".
    The one who listens to all my frustration :-)
    keep blogging!!!

  5. @Wildflower, Cheers! :)

    @Savan, Yay!! cheers :D

    @Prashanth, Thank you so much :)

    @Chandrika, Get out! Get out of my blog now :P

    @Mansi, Thank you so much girl.. Oh yeah, best friend indeed. Atleast it doesn't argue and talk back!! :)

  6. LOL! For a change, it is laughing out loud, here. :P

  7. @Chandrika, As long as you are laughing, I'm fine with anything kiddo :)

  8. Every single answer to those questions kind of showed that arrogant and rude side of yours. Wont be surprised if u loose few followers after this post.

  9. @Nishant, Thanks for visiting! But you seem to be the only one having problems with it. Can you be generous enough to let me know why is it hurting your sentiments so much? Were you one of the intruders? :P

    Well everyone has a rude side and I can justify why the above queries rubbed my wrong bone.. Can you?

    I don't write to garner followers anyway and I won't lose the people who atleast try to understand what I mean..

  10. It requires consistency and effort. Congrats. :)

  11. @Blognostic, It sure does. Thanks!

    You're blog makes mine look like a microbe. Now I know where to go, when I miss the news :)

  12. Soumya, yes, followers are important indeed. But, don't be afraid of losing any.

    I bet all of your followers 'follow' you for what you are! So, even your rude words sound soothing :o)

  13. Congratulations Soumya. Keep Blogging.

    I love blogging too and I like the idea of connecting mentally with people I dont know.

    Will be back for your next post.

    Until, then have a good time.

  14. @Prashanth, Naah I'm not afraid. People who understand me will understand what I say too. They know I don't intend to offend anyone. That was a sweet thing you said. Thanks for your soothing words! :)

    @Always Happy, Thank you so much. Blogging is fun, isn't it? Visit again! Until the next time, Cheers!

  15. @Pesto Sauce, I know!! Btw, that's an awesome name you've got! :)


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