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He: So what do you think now?

She: About what?

He: Hmmm you know.. About love maybe.

She: Aargh, lets not talk about it. I have nothing to say.

He: Nothing?

She: Yeah, nothing.

He: You think love is nothing?

She(irritated): I didn't say that!

He: You just did.

She: Ok whatever! Hmmph.

He: So you agree that love is nothing?

She(giving up): Okay whatever you say.

He: So love is nothing. You agree?

She(rolling eyes): Hmmm ok.

He: You do know about the book 'Nothing lasts forever'?

She(confused): Oh, that Sheldon waala? Its a favourite. Why?

He: So nothing lasts forever right?

She(more confused): Yeah, I guess. But why?

He(cheekily): So then, will you be my nothing?

She(spellbound): Eh?!?


  1. Awsm :) Loved the post and the blog...

  2. Thanks people.. It was very sweet I know, but its a pity she said no.

    At times, friends are better left as friends.


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