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Shadows in Silence

The stars shone bright and the moon stood strong. A powerful crescent casting a dense beam of light. The wind blew lightly, just enough to softly blow her hair, so that he could gently tuck it behind her ear. The air was warm, just like their breath. This hide and seek had been happening for long enough now.

They stood apart at first basking in the moment, enjoying the faint light, meekly giggling to his incomplete non funny jokes. He did have a great sense of humour otherwise, but he seemed distracted today. By her. He was observing her closely. She smiled. She looked away when his eyes rested on her lips. She moved away in a sway. He shook his head with that charming smile still shining bright against the backdrop of faint light.

He came close, she moved far. He held her hand, she came closer. She laughed as he played the piano on her arm. The moon trickled more light on them as they stood atop, away from the world. A warm gust of smooth air caused her hair to cover her face, which he softly blew away. He was close, very close now. It was written all over him that he wanted to kiss her. She leaned forward. He pecked her cheek, almost the tip of her lip and brushed her chin. She was mesmerised by the touch. Goose bumps? Yeah, there they were.

He seemed pleased by the effect he had on her. But she was not the one to give in so easily. She walked away to the corner. Was he behind her? She didn't want to look back. Then, there he was, running his fingers through her hair and then down her back. He turned her around so that she faced him now. She playfully poked his nose, the thing that he always hated. But he smiled today. Now the light was bright on her face as he took her in his arms. Magic? No, peace.

They moved together, dancing to some invisible melody. Their steps matched perfectly. Not a word was spoken. Not a noise made, apart from some occasional tiny giggles. He stopped, held her close and looked deep into her eyes trying to read something. She looked back with sparking eyes. Both smiled. Still not a word. The moon shyed away as their lips met. Silence.


  1. hmm..''aaja sanam madhur chandni mein hum...'' as i came to the end of this post, this is the song that came to my mind.

  2. When the heart and mind are deeply in love and not at conflict with the feelings, no words may then be said, such is the beauty of these moments.

    Beautiful narrative.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. n then der are times when we talk without words....
    Love, peace and bliss all around!!!
    Lovely post!!!

  4. @Rajita, Thanks :)

    @Always Happy, Now that comes to my mind too..

    @BA, Did you say love? Feelings? Can't it be lust and attraction too?

    Glad you liked it, Thanks!! No verses this time? :)

    @Mansi, Thanks!

  5. No words that would do justice. But if you want then...

    I thought I saw your face
    In the evenin' sky
    On a lonesome cloud
    That was driftin' by

    I wish I could fall
    On a night like this
    Into your lovin' arms
    For a moonlight kiss

    How's that?

  6. But they are not verses, they are lines or lyrics that I happen to remember from things I have read or heard before.

  7. That's great as usual :)

    What ever they maybe, its always nice when you leave something..

  8. superbly written...its fucking awesome very sensuous superlike it...
    keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks Rolling Stone.. And welcome to my blog :)

  10. my pleasure..ur also welcomed at my


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