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Smoke - II

Smoke - I

As it penetrates in slowly
I'm taken to a happy place
Where everything seems good
And bad tends to erase

When all the words fail
And feelings tends to poke
When death pulls me close
I come alive with smoke

The bitterness feels sweet
When that's all you seem to get
The bottled out miserable agony
With smoke, out you let

The seeped in colors
Are all now in a haze
Coming close to a mingling black
Leaving me out in a solid daze

The moving patterns of smoke
Seems to bring a smile and a glow
Just like the way it aimlessly moves
If only life would so smoothly flow

When you hit the bottomest low
Smoke seems to take you high
There is no reasoning out here
There is no how, when or why

When void and vacuum
Seem to be the best of words
When life moves on without destination
Smoke then comes out in herds

It doesn't intoxicate anymore
It only makes everything feel alright
I like the way smoke stands out
In the darkest of the dark night

When nothing goes your way
Strength seems like an invisible cloak
I wonder how it works this way
But I feel, I'm purified by smoke


  1. Maybe that is why people call such things as sweet poison, they try to shunt out the mind from the reality and give an effervescent sense of euphoria, and we resort to them for comfort. Don't dwell in it for too long Soumya.

    Take care,
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I wont BA. Its just a state of mind. Sweet poison indeed.

    Thanks for your concern.


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