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You take my breath away

I can watch you forever
Trying to conceal the lust
Fighting to hold myself back
When touching you seems like a must

My fingers yearn for long
Hoping to run through your hair
I ache to get into your arms
But I only can get to stare

The curve of my lips
Thirsts for your touch
Longing for your venom
I cant ask for anything much

At times the hunger builds
Craving for your presence
When I breathe, I smell you
Like some over powering essence

The taste of your tongue
I can't seem to get enough
I'm awed by the way you move
Slow, deep and sometimes rough

Trying to stay away from you
Is the hardest thing ever
Even to stay an inch apart
I need all the will power

Your mesmerising effect
Plunges and mixes deep within
Pushing me to the extremes
Of committing every sin

You give me the strength
To resist every other temptation
But when it is you I lose myself
To God's most alluring creation

Your warmth, your breath, your beat
I can bask in them night and day
One glance towards your side
And you take my breath away


  1. Very nice Soumya. Each word speaks a lot about the deep love she has for him and how much she misses him.

  2. Get a breath girl :O
    It sure is a welcome change to read a different mood here. :)
    Keep it up!


  3. @Always Happy, Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

    @BA, *Deep breath* :D
    Its gonna be a different mood henceforth. Thanks..
    Cheers!! :)

  4. I simply loved it..the intensity of your words...the thin line between love and lust...everything!
    I seldom read poems but this was awesome!

  5. Wow. Simply Wow! You are making me want to take up poetry again girl!
    I used to write.. but they were all when i was sad and heart broken and depressed... and it got so depressing that i just stopped!

  6. @Mansi, Thank you so much. Poetry is good for the soul. Pretty much like chicken soup!

    @Chandana, Thanks girl!! Poetry is a perfect vent for me. It started off when I was depressed and all that but you kinda grow into it with every phase. Take it up again, I'm sure you wont regret.


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