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Satin sheets, sliding down
Covering the night, that went by
We both knew we wanted this
We both know we will not deny

I can still feel your tongue
Like the poison that drowned my throat
Sharp, sweet, bitter and harsh
Like our crazy passion boat

Every kiss said a word
Every breath was clearly heard
You lie there amazingly beautiful
Are you gonna be my love bird

The strong clasp of your hand
Weakens the bite on my neck
Why are we smiling together
Is this love, we need to check

My hazy eyes long for your vision
As your trembling lips break into a song
This sure is a dreamy moment for us
But I'm afraid, what if it goes wrong

You strong arms do assure me
But even on your chest I seem to think
If this continues to go on
I'll fall for you in just a wink

Your madness reeks into me
Your breath now calms my soul
Go on, lets capture the moment
Its been a while since I've felt whole

The feeling is unmatchable
I've never craved for anything this much
Your scent drives me nuts
I lie there, burning with your touch


  1. You have beautifully captured the imagery in words... But somehow, the ending left me feeling incomplete.

  2. @The Blue Periwinkle,
    Thank you :)

    Thanks, but the ending is meant to be incomplete. For the actual ending watch the movie 'No Strings Attached'.


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