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Mad Cow

The uneasiness, the skepticism, the never ending thoughts, the infatuation, the feeling of being in love, the grace, the face outside the window, the abrupt bouts of pain, the sudden thrill of happiness, the anxiousness, the feeling of being out of love, the romantic gestures, the need for passion, the craving for a touch, the sharp kisses, the musings, the confusing words and the lightheadedness; all answered.

There has absolutely not been a single moment when I have regretted being a girl. But PMS seems like a torture at times. It only gets worse, when you confess to liking someone and the next day you realise that you actually don't. Why? Why am I so stupid? I read somewhere that red wine helps in controlling PMS. Bleh! I so beg to differ. PMS, red wine and a mobile phone with a guy on the other side or in person is one of the deadliest combos ever. Well, you learn from your mistakes. But honestly some mistakes are way too fun to not be repeated.

I now know why it is called PMS. Mad cow disease was already taken!

But I did learn something from this entire hoopla. One, I'm definitely out of love. Two, I'm not in love with anyone, nor am I falling into it. Infatuation has died down. Seriously, its always a big deal only until you get it. After that, its makes no difference what so ever. Strange I know, but that's me. So the mad cow has decided to enjoy and bask in her newly found(?) singledom for quite sometime now. Drink, smoke, party, roam and have all possible solid fun.

I turn 25 in 4 months time, so lets give the cow one more year. Come 26 and then I'll start looking at life seriously. But again my plans are known to be gatecrashed by Lord Almighty in the most devious ways possible, so the best I will do now is sit back and enjoy one day, one moment at a time. No plans ahead. Let the pages turn slow. Let me have the time and sense to understand every word of the book of life.


  1. It feels like saying Oh Life, please, don't give me anymore hope. :-/ Hopes. Scary!

  2. "Seriously, its always a big deal only until you get it. After that, its makes no difference what so ever." # Amen!

    Loved the post. Being single is fun, like you can always fall for some1 and next day forget it. Cheers on singledom :)


  3. Seems like your intelligence stopped you from getting dragged by your thoughts.

  4. @Chandrika,
    It is that! Not scary, just mundane.

    Amen! And Cheers! :)

    Thank God for that!

    @Khyati jain,
    Oh yeah!


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