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One, two, three. Here we go.

I want to post this before I end up getting too high and venting out crap. I'm only writing this because something inside me is not letting me stay still. I'm thrillfully happy today. It had been ages since I've felt this way. First, my hardwork finally paid off and now when I see my work flow so smoothly and beautifully I feel proud. Second, I got a zillion compliments today on the way I looked. Even though a few bitches turned green, it only added to the exhilaration. Third, striking realisation: I can feel again. Duh, obviously for someone else. This close friend *cough* of mine turned the whole of me green by talking about this particular chick. I kept nodding and listening but the inside of my head was screaming 'Stay away from him you bitch. He's mine'. The jealously and sulking lasted for a good 20 minutes until I saw her. Then it all went poof! Reason? I'm way hotter than her ;)

Atleast now I know that I can feel for someone else and I no more have to hitch hike on the post called the 'past'. No, I don't want to read much into this and think why I felt like this, what does this mean, why do I care, why is this happening and all that blah. The only thing that matters now is that I can feel again for another being. You need to be in my place to get the feeling. Trust me, it feels like a rebirth.

This might sound really funny coming from a cynic like me, but, whatever happens surely does happen for a reason. My ruler Murphy's getting wicked by the day and life's been throwing more lemons than I can count. But you know what life, I've developed a taste for lemons now. What else have you got? I'm not gonna quit. Like I once said before, I'd fight until life gives up.

They say that you will have no idea as to how strong you are until that is the only option you have left. True. Lemonade was never an option for me. Since salt comes free (well almost), tequila's the word, and I'm addicted. I'm so glad that these things happened. Even though I have written a million posts cribbing about all the bad things in life, in the end I've emerged out a tougher and stronger person. And for some weird reason life's toughest questions seem to be getting answered today. No, its not the wine talking. Not as yet. But the zillion and million used is pure exaggeration.

We all have only one life to live and we might as well as live it the way we want to. Fuck the rules and monotony. Nothing is right or wrong. Do what you feel is right and have no regrets if it goes wrong. Because no matter what happens, in the end, something good emerges out of it. I have been denying this all this while but its the plain simple fucking truth. This friend of mine is leaving forever in a couple of weeks but he's leaving me with the feeling that I can feel again. It does hurt yes, but also, I feel nice inside. No point in random thinking and worrying. Let life take its own course and if there is someone called a God watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

Amidst all this hoopla of work, stress, lemonade and tequila comes another realisation. I might actually be falling out of love. I am falling out of love. It does not make sense nor does it seem to matter anymore.

P.S: Yes, the post title was intentional.


  1. yeah its better to live life by your standards than follow someone else orders.

  2. hardwork finally paid off ?! DETAILS!

    'I might actually be falling out of love. I am falling out of love. It does not make sense nor does it seem to matter anymore.'

    to that may i say, 'whatever happens surely does happen for a reason.'

    have fun. and stop looking for reasons to smile. just do. :)

  3. You are on just one hell of a Roller Coster called life, and I don't know if that tequila takes you even higher too :D

    I am happy, =D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Soumya,

    Read 2 posts now. How is your foot now? Stop kicking people unnecessarily? LOL. On serious note, life is not bed of roses. The moment you feel things are going fine, there comes a turmoil which shakes you up. So best is to face what life throws at you boldly with positive attitude. I hope all tuned out well with the project you worked so hard on. On this one, It feels so nice to be appreciated but never let it go to your head. I always say do what your conscience allows without a worry what will the people say.

    Take care

    PS : Hope to see you in my space.

  5. @Rachit,
    Amen to that!

    I know! :)

    Details? Well lets just say that I was smiling for an entire day. Yes, whatever happens, happens for a reason. Life's giving me more reasons to smile now :)

    Oh God don't get me started on the roller coaster thing. I just hope I don't throw up anytime soon :P. Tequila takes you higher and rounder too. I'm happy too :D

    Just go ahead and have one. Don't think much :)

    Foot's fine, thanks. Need to rethink the kicking part though :P. I've always done what I wanted to and will continue the same. Thanks a lot for your concern. Visited your space. Loved it! Guess who's following now :)


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