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Full Circle

The shadows have seemed to live
Sometimes near and at times afar
Life came a full circle
As the feelings door was left ajar

Shimmering like fireflies
My soaring kite struggled free
I didn't know what I was against
Being you meant being me
It all boils down to real life
For hidden locks I looked for the key
Ignoring my bleeding heart
I tended to my bruised knee

Its not all up in the air
The painting seems to have a link
Love has never been tough
Its much simpler than you think
Crystal rains thrashing down
Watering the seed laid below
Its been easy to ignore and hide
But hidden dreams secretly grow

Memories bite then turn to dust
Leaving me in foggy soot
How do I snip the bud
When it has long grown a root
The symphony you started
Has been tough for me to quote
Every moment still lingers
Every touch was worth the note

The song can never end
It can never be called dead
When there was enchanting music
In every word that you said


  1. Beautiful poem soumya. :)

  2. Reminds me of my ex :)

    Weakest LINK

  3. reminds of relationships starting off well, going magical and then the ugly downfall!!!

  4. Look the leaves are dead,
    the moment's gone there's no surrender,
    forever now unsaid,
    words that might have warmed December.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Ecstatic! Cheer Up gurl, you have a long way to go!I think this ":)" looks much better on u!


  6. And smetyms I actually gets confused..Is love beautiful? or the feel of love is?
    Whatever it is...this certainly is beautiful!

  7. Soumya,

    Read all pending posts now. First on this one, it is love all the way and beautifully composed. On the rest, I always say do what your conscience allows. One needs to look after own self but at the same time it should be borne in mind not to be rude to others for that. Your post of apology shows your tender nature. Try to be that. Do take care of your health. It is advisable to enjoy your drink but not let the drink enjoy you but as far as smoking goes, a big NO NO. I gave it up over 30 years ago. Hope to see some more poems from you.

    Take care

  8. @The Lover,
    Thank you so much :)

    @Hamza Bin Ladin,

    Me too ;). Weakest LINK here too.

    @shooting star,
    That's how it always is, isn't it?

    Talk about bursting the bubble! :P

    Here we go then ":)"

    Thank you so much :)

    Love all the way, yes. Thank you so much :). I seem to have a rarely explored soft side. Health's good now. Cutting down on both drinks as well as the smoke. More poetry coming up soon. Thanks again.


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