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Lets talk

Him: You know if there is one thing that I hate about you, its your guts.
Me: You know I was thinking on the same lines.
Him: Really?
Me: Yeah. You lack a lot of things. The most important thing happens to be that. Guts.

Her: I wonder why we can never get along. Probably its because you are a bitch.
Me: Yeah, I'm kinda forced to agree. I've read somewhere that bitches and whores never mix.

Him: Delhi is beautiful. Its one the best places I've been to. Its heaven. You are missing out on something. You seem to be listening, but do you understand is the question.
Me: Ofcourse I understand. Do I care is the question.

Her: He's perfect for me. I love him so much. Its sad you'll never know how it feels.
Me: Yeah. Every first timer thinks just like you.

Him: You missed out on a pristine untouched beauty.
Me: I don't know or care about the pristine and untouched part. But beauty I seriously beg to differ.

Her: Its over. Stop mourning will you?
Me: When did you die?

Him: You're drunk.
Me: I'll be sober tomorrow. You'll still be ugly. (I had read this somewhere, it was the perfect moment to use it)

Her: I don't like your lifestyle. Its so not me.
Me: Did I ask?

Him: I told you not to do it.
Me: Yeah, you also told that you would change.

Her: Why do you detest me so much?
Me: I don't detest you. That's a strong word for a weakling like you. Try something simple. Hate perhaps?

There are a lot of people out there who try their best to make you feel like crap. Get them out of your life, or give it back to them.

Its a pity that not everyone gets sarcasm. For such kind, break it out so that they can understand.


  1. So true Soumya! They bloody do every damn possible thing to make you realize that you are least imperative to them. I have one word to address these a**holes & bastards i.e. incorrigible.

  2. Nice dialogue , is this a confrontation between 3people? Who's the other girl? Bit am lost!

  3. That was awesome
    Loved the first timer the most.

  4. i love the retorts. i LOVE giving it back too!! bites! some people deserve it :)

  5. I like this. :) Sometimes i wish I could live these bits. Would be liberating to tell someone some of these lines. :) Awesome. :)

  6. i am wondering who is HIM and HER :)

  7. Well said and well played ;)
    Ahhh... what would we do without sarcasm... scary thought! Although its a bore sometimes to break it down to people, in the end, its worth the look on their face!

  8. You are awesome! :D

    Mind if I borrow the bitches and whores dont mix line? I think I am in love with it! :D

  9. Bitchiness at its worst...

    L like (only coz it wasnt aimed at me :P)


  10. Hello Leo :D

    You probably are born with guts unlike your friend.

    Nice post btw :)

  11. Love the short conversations mentioned here.

    This is the kind of conversation which I generally have in my mind while nodding my head.

  12. Ha thats more like a conversation I would have with someone as well.

    P.s. Thanks for the comment. But I have to say that we're not competing against eachother. So there is no comparison between you and I. Our creativity comes from our experiences in some parts. It's all about the art and craft of writing. You have your own and so do I. Be proud of what you put out there. Thank you for appreciating my so called poems but never look down upon your own work.


  13. And quite often its always me who come across such annoying perplexing junkyards.

    Weakest Link

  14. @Sonia,
    The perfect word :)

    You did not get it sweetheart. Each him/her are different. Each piece is a different conversation with a different person. Makes sense now?

    @Red Handed,
    Thank you. Oh trust me, that lady deserved that.

    Oh they sure do. Happy retorting :)

    You should speak out your mind. Liberation at its best.

    This post includes many hims and hers dear :)

    Thank you. Sarcasm is God sent for me and its annoying when people don't get it. I wouldn't mind drawing it out to such morons just to see the look on their faces. Yeah, I'm wicked :D

    @Ice Maiden,
    Haha thanks :D. You can borrow anything you want :)

    It sure was worth it, you visited :)

    Hello there, welcome to my blog :)
    I sure am. Thank you so much :)

    Thank you. See, that's the difference. I always let them out of my head. Freedom of speech you see :)

    That's nice to know :). I never look down on my work. Its just that I look up to yours :)

    In that case you need to speak up. If you want more, I sure can help :)

  15. :)... nice kicks... and then feel free...

  16. This was a typical Soumya's post!
    Girlll....I love ur attitude...this is d way u exactly are supose to be..when the world around is so ugly and mean!
    love u for this <3

  17. Ouch, that would hurt more than the sole of a pencil heel to the one who understood it.

    Bite back before they bite you? Interesting concept. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. I liked the inclusion of the self as the 3rd person who is always there intervening in our head even when one is speaking to another.

  19. Soumya,

    Could not visit for few days and look how much I missed. I will be back tomorrow to read all pending posts before I say anything.

    Take care

  20. @Bhargav,
    Haha true :). Free indeed.

    Yeah this is me in all my glory!
    Thanks babe <3

    That's the hope :). Very interesting topic, think about it. The angry birds can rest :P

    Thank you.

    We've missed you around here. Be back soon.


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