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Screw you July & a promise to August

I have something against the month of July. Or rather July has something against me. Everything in life gets so screwed in this particular month that I feel that life sucks and there is no room for improvement. Well its a different thing that the feeling lasts only till about the last week of the month and then things begin to slightly improve. But while that terrible July phase lasts, its nerve wrecking.

July 2008 - The first cracks began to appear in my relationship finally resulting in impending doom.
July 2009 - Battling the peak of clinical depression.
July 2010 - Diagnosed with symptoms of chickengunya, read low blood pressure, low platelet and haemoglobin count, joint pains and acute anaemia. These pop up every now and then taking my whole petite system down.
July 2011 - A repeat telecast of 2010, with hospitalisation and needles in and out of me. If that was not bad enough, things got so bad at work that I was on the verge of losing my mind.

Just when I was about to totally cross the line between normality and insanity, things began to look up. I got a release from my project. Just when I was going down again thinking that now I'd be jobless until I get a project, a very good opportunity popped in. My release date is confirmed for August 12th and I got a project even before I got released! And that too a project that suits me 100% and which requires me to talk for about 90% of my work time. Plus, it does not involve coding at all! Also, this project will have me travelling to various other places in India and elsewhere. Yeah, talk about dreams coming true. I hope to enjoy this. Heck yeah, I will.

I'm so glad this month is fucking off and giving room to my birthday month. August for some weird reason cheers me up. Probably its the prospect of having my birthday and the fact that I get to live like a queen for a day. But that's how most of my days are going through now, so that doesn't seem to make a difference this year. This year is gonna be special. I turn 25. Phew! My friend is coming down specially for this and I plan to party my ass off the entire second week of August. Starting from 8th which is my birthday to the rest of the week. Yeah yeah I've saved up enough funds just for the treats that I need to provide.

The next week after that will be my foray into the new project with new people around. I have never had trouble getting to know new people and as far I can see, the people around here are very sweet and friendly and more than me they can't wait to have me there. I have a lot of expectations from this month as it can re-define my work and personal life. Fingers crossed!

I always make a list a month before my birthday as to what I will do post the birthday. But this time I fell sick and totally forgot about it. If I haven't said it already, screw you July!! Today, I shall make a list of things that I would want to leave behind and not carry to August. Its gonna be tough but I'll try my best to do it.

~ Smoking. I've cut down from 10 a day to 6, then to 3 and then to 2. I'd kick the butt the minute my last party ends.
~ Men in my life. People come, people leave. Its no big a deal. Lines need to be drawn and absolutely no wasting time thinking of them.
~ Health issues. Getting rid of smoking would cut down half my health issues. Also, I've been skipping yoga for about a month now. Need to get back on track and gain back the 4 kilos I lost during the painful month.
~ Parties. There is a reason why we have weekends and I intend to party only then. Daily parties is a big no no.
~ Bad time management. I cant remember the last time when I was punctual to any kind of meeting. Thanks to the two weeks spent in hospital I sleep close to about 14 hours a day. Due to which I wake up only by 4 pm and am unable to sleep until 8 am. Talk about a drift! I've been sleepwalking my way through work this whole week and I can't afford to from the next. This one needs the maximum effort from my side.
~ Vanity. The number of nail polishes I have is directly proportional to 4 times the number of nails I have. The number of shoes I have is directly proportional to about 40 times the feet I have. As a result of which the amount of money I have in my account by the end of the month is directly proportional to 1% of what I had at the beginning. Shopaholic alert! Need serious treatment.
~ Love, passion and other related crap. I don't even want to think about them for about a year or so. If I keep up the item number two on this list, this should be a cake walk.

I guess that's about it. I don't know why, but there always is a weird satisfaction when you make a list. Keeping it up is a different ball game altogether.


  1. All d best with your..

    And Happy bday in advance (just in case I miss it) :P


  2. gud for u...

    this post gt me thinking abt unlucky months too, mayb v could plan ahead if v all knew ours...

  3. i have quit smoking and Happy B day in advance!

  4. Happy birthday in advance... and I have similar war of thing with the month of May.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  5. Good luck babe for your forth coming project. It’s always good to see you happy! A BIG “ye-ye” for your b'day :) Where my treat is? kidding! Enjoy :)

  6. Happy birthday! (:

    And your blog template is stunning!

  7. lol. shopaholic alert was quite a riot. love ur blog wid all hearts <3
    gud luck wid all d resolutions n yessssss a very happy bday in advance
    *b sure u mk it a BIGGG deal cos i sure do* :)

  8. heyyyy.nice blog..
    Nice to know you are my co-star..:D
    well.lifes shit here too,but the key is just untangle ur mind and keep it simple..helps a lot..

  9. Soums..Best of luck ,see best things are in your way now ! You greatly deserve all the best in this world!

  10. Hey those are some very good promises...keep them alive and working! Prayers!
    About ur project, aah good things coming up!! All the best!

  11. @CRD,
    Thank you and I sincerely hope you don't miss it :)

    If only we could do that :(

    I'm almost there. Thank you.

    Thank you. Lets exchange our unlucky months and see how it goes :)

    Thank you so much. You can have a treat anywhere and anytime you want. Hugs!

    @Noor Ali,
    Thank you so much :)

    @Sadiya Merchant,
    I sure will :D. Thank you so much for visiting.

    Co-star? LOL. Thank you and lets try to keep it simple.

    Thank you dear.

    @Red Handed,
    Prayers! Thank you babe :)


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