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We're Good

I'm not the one to stay unhappy for long. Today has been one of the best days of my life. Sigh! I just can't seem to figure out what on earth is happening to my moods these days. Worst thing is I can't even blame it on PMS this time. Things have been so messed up and erratic that as I go with the flow I'm tending to get lost. But again isn't this what life is supposed to be like. Alcohol free and just burnt three smokes, yet doing perfectly fine. And strangely happy. I'm weird I know :D

Nothing like a day out to cheer me up. I had to work but after the chaos last night was I wanted to just run away from home. Well that also means that I'll be up to see the sun rise tomorrow trying to finish of the pending work. Well such shit keeps happening and work is something I no longer care about. Its always gonna be there and tell me about someone who actually loves their job and looks forward to a Monday. Anyone? I'm not the only one, that's consolation enough.

Watched 'Delhi Belly' today. OHMYGOD, totally fucking AWESOME! Indian cinema has come a long way. First 'Shaitan' and now this. Absolutely in love with these two movies. Anyway, will save this topic for some other post. The movie successfully managed to cheer me up and that was only the beginning. I treated myself to a much needed massage and a heavenly hairwash. Nothing like self pampering, seriously! Then came therapy. Read shopping. So we're the proud owner of six more pairs of shoes now. Three types, one in black and the other in white. That's how my shopping always goes. White black, black white; and we're sorted. Not much of a colorful person I am. But the adventures of my life more than make up for it. Paint my life and you'll be short of colors.

After spending nearly 40% of my salary on shoes, I went for the next haul. Books. I now own the whole of Grisham and Archer clan. My next investment would be a shoe shelf and a book shelf thanks to both overflowing. Feasted on some gorgeous food and touched heaven. They say that every episode in life teaches you a lesson. Hahaha, I should have a Ph.D by now! Coming to the previous post, I was so tempted to take it off! I'm not the one to offer an apology so easily and definitely not on a public forum. But now that I did it, I mean it. If things get better; good, else life moves on anyway. Jo bhi ho so ho, right?

Its all about the effort you put. I tried my best, believe me knowing myself, I went more than out of my way to mend things. Somethings worked and I hope the rest fall into place soon. Hope! Don't get me started on that now. Hope is a dangerous thing and when it involves a wild lioness its all the more exciting. Happiness is a choice we make, they say. Well said! I guess the choice has been made for me then. Cheers! :)


  1. You know what's going through my mind reading this see saw ride of yours?

    She can see about four satellites every minute of the hour
    And find a four leaf clover where you never saw a flower
    She's habitually paradoxical, a parallel perpendicular

    Barefoot in nightgowns, that's how she dances in the rain
    Sundown to sundown, like she was washing 'way her pain

    As she is beautiful, she's unpredictable
    Damned irresistible, is it plausible to hate her
    She is my common sense, revels on decadence
    But what's the difference, it's impossible to bait her

    ~Miss Impossible - Poets of the Fall

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @BA,
    If not for this comment of yours I'd have removed this post. Thanks :). The ride is slowing down now.



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