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Chaotic Truth

My last birthday party just ended today and I'm all so sad. Another year before the day comes again. And as promised I have kicked the butt and let the old monk leave. Feeling light already. I feel like the layer of cigarette soot around my brain has been washed away and I am beginning to think clearly. Or so I feel. Yeah, I tend to get a bit dramatic at times. Naah naah, don't mistake me, I'm not giving up on these things like forever. Maybe sometime, once in a wee while I will party. Time now is to strictly focus on the career bit as I shall be starting on my new project tomorrow. Pray for me people.

The last coupla weeks has been a roller coaster ride for me. Luckily I made it without throwing up. Today on my drive back home I stumbled across some realisations and facts about me and the people around. Totally random stuff, so skip if you don't want to read.

People make a big deal about birthdays, especially me.

I hate colors. Black and white is enough for me to live.

If a guy cheats on someone with you, there is very good chance that he's cheating on you with someone else.

Speech is silver, silence is gold. Bullshit. Silence deafens at times.

Over the three year old process of getting over my ex, I actually have fallen in love twice. The first one I let go, before I realised what I felt. The second one, I guess I still am in love with. I did not accept it then, I will not now. Works for me. So, period.

Love is hugely overrated. And is totally worth it.

Strangely, it was very easy saying goodbye to the one who owned my heart once.

I've always wondered how bloggers with pathetic writing skills garner hundreds of followers. I follow some of the best writers and I'm hugely proud of them.

I'm vain.

Men are one of the most wonderful creations of God.

I had the best kiss of my life today. They say that if you kiss and tell, its gonna happen again. So :)

I haven't cried in ages.

I hate boring people. Loathe, detest, abhor. Nothing else creeps the hell outa me more.

The only people who preach virginity are the ones who have never had a chance to lose theirs.

I desperately need to focus on my career. Only.

Platonic relationships don't remain that for very long.

You can be more than friends and yet not be lovers.

You never learn from your mistakes. You might as well as learn to live with them.

I hate monotony. I get bored of routines very quickly. At times, even people.

Of the 350+ friends on my Facebook list I probably genuinely care for only about 20 of them.

I can't lie. The withdrawal symptoms of not smoking is killing me.

I'm chatting with 6 people right now and I just can't concentrate. I'd better log out.


  1. Lot of facts about you...I enjoy reading it and yes love is seriously overrated...Though most of my posts are around it...:)

  2. Men are not the most wonderful creation... women are... this coming from a man ;)

    monotony is boring...

  3. Aah proud of u. Its hard to give up on sumthing, esp when it addictive. Being strict with urself eh? Nice.

    Some great facts about u and i agree with everything.

  4. "The only people who preach virginity are the ones who have never had a chance to lose theirs."

    DAMN RIGHT! :|

  5. nice random post...interesting :)

    btw are men most wonderful creations?Hmmm may be ;)

    I had the best kiss of my life today. They say that if you kiss and tell, its gonna happen again. So :)
    ;) <3

    well,I'll pray for you soumya...You will get through with your project :)


  6. Men are one of the most wonderful creations of God, Black and white is enough for me to live, They say that if you kiss and tell, its gonna happen again. Thanks for the first one, look-a-like for the second and knowledgeable for the third. Love the post :)

    Weakest LINK

  7. yes I agree with that Virginity thing

  8. "Men are one of the most wonderful creations of God. "

    Wish there was only one sex!

  9. Woah:D Interesting, to say the least.

    And killer DP on FB ;)

  10. You think all this while driving?
    Okay who's driving? If it's you, then stop thinking. :P

    And, and, well, umm, nothing. The list is sufficient. The answer lies not in being good at english, or language as such, it's about motives, and desires.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. I agree to so many of them. But I find it so difficult to accept them. :)

    Stuff like smoking must be hard to accept.

    Keep at it. :) Lovely post!

    Belated happy birthday. :)

  12. Guess what soumya? I had been dumb enough to not notice that the comments option was on the top of the post. Call me lame-most now. :P

    So there had been many, MANY things in this particular post that coincides with my life-going as well. It was such a relate-able post i swear.

    AND THE BEST PART WAS 'You can be more than friends and yet not be lovers.'.

    How could so be so precise?
    Keep writing Soum! (Mind if i call you that? :D)
    Hope not.
    Loved this post and the randomness!

  13. @Saru Singhal,
    Thanks dear. Yeah I've noticed that about your posts and that's exactly why I like them :)

    Thanks for that :)

    @Red Handed,
    Trying to be strict. Lets see how it goes.

    @Ice Maiden,

    Thanks. Men are wonderful trust me :)
    Thank you again :)

    Haha thank you so much :)

    @Miss Sheikh Chilli,
    Amen to that!

    Naah, as I said monotony is boring :)

    Thank you thank you. Ooh la la :D

    I wasn't driving, hence the thought process.
    I agree, but you need the right words to convey the motives and desires. Else the reader is left contemplating as to what it means.
    Don't worry I wasn't talking about you :P

    Acceptance is the most important thing for living.
    Smoking? Oh don't get me started on that!
    Thank you :)

    Haha happens to most of us so relax.
    You can call me anything you want :). Thank you so much.

  14. this is why i stopped reading books and i read post can sum up so much of practical wisdom.

  15. Wow,entering your blog was like entering the Matrix. Or a Bournville chocolate. Or even Darth Vader's Death Star,if you discount the hearts on the right. Don't ask me why, it just is.
    And you write amazingly well.. deep, honest, real. Oh good,that rhymes :P
    Anyway,I am new to blogging. Please do drop by and feel free to lambast my first post (and the second, if I finish it by that time). :)
    Yours sincerely,
    A fellow Leo :)

  16. And oh, good luck with the project :)

  17. Soumya,

    I wish you all the best not to return to smoking. I left it more than 3 decades ago. Enjoy your drink but do not let the drink enjoy you. I too enjoy Old Monk, 4 CHHOTTAS, in the evenings. On your realisations I fully back you up on "I desperately need to focus on my career. Only." And I agree with you on "Love is hugely overrated. And is totally worth it." and "Platonic relationships don't remain that for very long."

    Take care


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