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Fade to Black

Its my birthday month. Yay! :D

Today was an eternal down hill with everything possible going wrong. Today I saw how love can exist without trust. How a beautiful face perfectly hides the monster underneath. How a person who hardly mattered is capable of bringing out the tears in you. How blind people can get as long as someone around is pacifying them. How hidden intentions can spoil a relationship. How a single second can crush you down.

What's with trust anyway? Can you love someone and not trust them? Can you trust someone with your life but not love them? Can you believe every word a loved one says? Can he look into my eyes and lie?

No, I did not love him. But it did sting. That's all that was on my mind today. Suddenly the most important person in my life did not seem to matter anymore. It was all about the vague new face. Every breath pierced and every voice burnt. How could he? I can't even blame him, I'm the one who did not want more out of this. Still it is crushing one bone of mine at a time. I don't know what this is, but it really bites. Must have been love.

After all it hurt.

Trying to be as optimistic as I can get, I'm gonna take this in the good way. My birthday is meant to end all the bad things and pave way for the new good ones. The end has begun. Let all the pain, misery, agony and confusions fade to black. I'm sure a stream of colors is waiting to come my way. There is nothing beneath rock bottom anyway. The ray of life has to get reflected back now. I don't see any other way that it can go.


  1. its better to be loved and lost than to be never loved at all...and the pain and agony is what makes the person you are.once ur over this feelings than nothing seems hard in life.. being there done that...anyways do listen this song by john mayer "I am gonna find another you"....awesome lyrics.

  2. Things happen and maybe it just shows you the whole truth. Maybe it just wasnt meant to be. You can pacify yourself by saying that you did deserve better

  3. If you've never heard 'Coming Back to Life' by Pink Floyd, please do so. It might just help you. :)
    Like you said, things will only get better. :) Happy b'day in advance! I'm the first person to have wished you this year, right? :)

  4. Wow! Great Soumya. When is the BIG Day?! Hopefully we get to party then. I wish, the Day turn things around for you :o)

  5. oh...

    bday month !!! woww..and love and trust can't be worked against each other..

  6. Bday month for a LOT of my friends. Shit I am going to go broke!!! :P

  7. I agree with rolling stone, its better to be loved and lost rather than never being loved.
    I wish you all the luck,may you have great life ahead:)
    Let this be your new start:)

  8. Hope you have a great birthday and i wish all things that follow are brilliant and great and work out for you...

    Keep up your optimism :)

  9. very positive :) keep that up

    happy birthday month !!

  10. @Rolling Stone,
    Loved, lost. Loved again, lost again. Not a very good record :). But again, been there done that. All is well now. Oh yeah, that's one of my favorite songs. John Mayer's words can always do the trick! :)

    @Red Handed,
    It sure was not meant to be and better I do deserve. It was a lesson I would say.

    @Spaceman Spiff,
    I'm focusing on killing the past and coming back to life too. Its a nice song. I know things will only get better. Thank you, you sure are the first one to wish me this year on this post :P

    8th would be the big day if I'm keeping well that is. If the day turns around, we will party for sure.

    Now its seems like they can be girl. They can be.

    @Ice Maiden,
    LOL. Remember, I love shoes :P

    New start it shall be, for sure. Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much Chandana. I will :)

    Thank you babe :)


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