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Tiny bouts of Happiness

Everyone say that I'm a very hard to please girl. Just because I don't go 'Wooooooooooo' on every gift I get or 'Awwwwwwwww' on every rose I receive, it doesn't mean that I'm hard to please. Come on, how does wailing out like a milk cooker suggest to others that you are happy. This is something I don't and will never understand. It is not tough to make me happy. In fact I get thrilled due to the smallest of things. Little things make me more happy than any materialistic thing in the world.

The most disturbed night of my life which I mentioned in my previous post, made room for the most prettiest of mornings. As I walked in to meet him and saw him sitting there it just made me smile my widest smile ever. The whole pain of insomnia and disturbance in the mind just went poof! Now I know, no matter what we are, no matter where we go, this whatever awesome feeling we feel is never gonna change. Never ever. And I'm not going to ruin in. No way. We're gonna remain what we are. Nothing more, nothing less. This realisation made me the happiest I've been in a long long time.

Waking up to the smell of fresh hot coffee makes me happy. The feeling of fitting into an old pair of torn jeans is totally indescribable. Finding some money in its pockets when totally broke only doubles the happiness. Just as I went to throw away my cherry divine nail polish, I found some of it left in the bottle. I was thrilled. So I sit here typing with freshly painted bright pink nails. Searching the entire room only to find a last cigarette in the corner of my bag makes me happy. Finding a frozen Mars bar in the vegetable rack of the fridge in the middle of the night makes me happy. A long distance phone call from a loved one out of the bloom, cheers me to the core. You see, happiness can be found in the smallest of things.

Your professional life may be screwed or your personal life may be fucked, but if you learn to find happiness in the smallest of things around you, you are the most luckiest person in the world.

So, what makes you happy?


  1. knowing that i can sleep just for 5more mins makes me happy, seeing my mom awake for me when i get home makes me too, little smiles, little gestures matter though...


  2. appreciation, be it in form of praise or just a smile, makes me happy

  3. Umm anything and everything. Though I would not want to jump around like a puppy in exuberance or craziness, I'd just sit back and enjoy the view of the moment.

    And Eid mubarakh.
    Cigarette smoking hasn't changed its medical profile, it's still hazardous :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. What makes me happy? This needs post. :)

  5. The way he automatically reaches out for my hand while crossing the road.
    The way mum hmphs when I say thank you but is secretly pleased that she made me happy.
    When a test is unexpectedly easy.
    Mails saying that the person absolutely loves your work on your blog.
    Rains when you least expect it...
    I am a completely small-things person:D I could go on..

    And glad that things worked out and you're happy:))
    May this last very very long, touchwood.

    And hard-to-please girls are the most sensible ones.

  6. I dont likes coffee, pungent i find it some times.
    torn jeans, money whn broke, da last sutta, frozen Mars bar... all of these are the greatest moments of ones life XD

  7. Consider yourself gifted and blessed if you really find happiness in the little things, there aren't many who can do that.

    The way you described finding the one mars bar in the dead of the night was oh so awesome, got me daydreaming about swimming in a pool filled with Mars Bars. :D

  8. U shud know how i much ur blog is worth coz i am holidaying and still reading this :P
    Finding happiness in the smallest of thing comes easy to me but showing that happiness in the form of weird noises is not me. People end up thinking i am not happy but the truth is just the opposite.
    I love it when after a long fight, how his one smile makes me forget it all and smile back and then feel foolish about it.

  9. Waking up and realizing i still have 10 min to sleep...
    That fresh smell before it starts raining...
    coffee early in the morning...
    reading a book on the terrace...
    an unexpected call in the middle of the night..
    having a good hair day...
    that pair of ear rings i thought i lost but found in a bag i hardly ever use..

    Am as pleased by small things in life as by big things... but these have that added sentimental value to them :)
    Nice post!

  10. Hot coffee even makes me go crazy, love it, and will keep it in mind .. you aren't a hard girl to please :D

    Weakest LINK

  11. I'm so into the story of you and this guy, Keep us updated and how does he look like, Is he outrageously cute ? I bet he is, He's making you go all gaga over him, It so makes sense :)

    Love, is so pleasurably evil :)

  12. great realization...u have definitely found your true happiness...

    it is always the little things that makes a person a happy person...happiness from materialistic things makes are temporary....

    what makes me happy? I don't know, i seem to be happy always...what makes me happy the most? definitely the smile in her lips :)

    great post

  13. and guess what am wearing glamour pink ;) the little things in life makes the most of it :)

  14. @Crimson Coral,
    Ahh that's sweet :)

    @shashank sapre,
    Thank you. I appreciate it :)

    Eid Mubarakh to you too. Jumping around like a puppy? Would love to see that happen :P. Still hazardous? I must be viewing the wrong profile then :)

    @Ice Maiden,
    Waiting for that Annie :)

    You just made me go 'Awwwww' with this :). Touch wood indeed and please pray for me. Sensible? Then I guess I'm one :)

    Pungent? Get the perfect brew then. The rest all is true happiness :)

    @Atrocious Scribblings,
    I'm lucky in some way I guess :). Can I join you in the pool? :D

  15. @Red Handed,
    And how much I love you for that :D. Ah the smiles of certain people just do it right? :)

    Cute things you have mentioned here :). Thanks!

    I ain't? How do you reckon that? :P

    He's just a friend and nothing more sweetie. No love here. If there was why would I stay away? :D. People say he looks really good, but I find him just ordinary and thats why he likes me. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt :P

    That's sweet. Thank you!

  16. How do I reckon that..?? your posts say a lot then.. I'm an avid reader who just don't comment for the sake of follow-up gesture.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  17. I wrote a post to answer your question -

    But then I realized, I kept going back to my two earlier lists in which I had put some thought...

    Hope you like these two lists! :) Just reading them makes me happy! :) :)


  18. very true , little things makes one happy ..just like me a simple hi could make my day..loved this line---Finding a frozen Mars bar in the vegetable rack of the fridge in the middle of the night makes me happy. A long distance phone call from a loved one out of the bloom, cheers me to the core. You see, happiness can be found in the smallest of things.

  19. @Rachit,
    Ah ha smart :D

    @Ice Maiden,
    Awww all cheered up me now :)

    Thank you dear :)

  20. Soumya,

    It is true that happiness is in own hands and we lose perspective of what is happiness trying to look for it. Had a hearty laugh at your simile " wailing like milk cooker."

    Take care


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