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Writing poetry after a long time. Kind of lost touch so please bear with me if it ain't that good. You have given me reasons to smile But the infinite tears dissolve them We split and so did everything else When together we were like a gem You my honey were my life You were so tender, delicate and kind But the piercing pain I went through Somehow put you off my mind I waited for like a zillion years But hatred was all you gave me I was tired of shutting it out When my eyes wanted love to see You will always be a part of my life Something like a distant memory You will remain a beautiful chapter When I tell my kids my story But he was there to dry my tears To make me laugh when I was down Him being the arrogant bastard For me dint mind being a clown His gigantic ego just goes poof He makes me feel like a woman and a child He knows to take care of me when I cry And to tame me when I act wild He's the venom that's spread to me Making me what I am today I don't regret any

Lust & The Silver Lining

Battling addiction. Serious addiction. Before I knew it, the distraction had turned into a major addiction and was all over me. Its tough when you get close to people. So close that you forget the boundaries of friendship. You get lost in the vicissitudes of uncertainty, holding on to something just because you simply can't do without it. The need for that person over powers everything. Even the very feeling of love. Or lust. My temper tantrums are back after 3 years and how. All the anger management I'd mastered is now down the drain. I get angry and wild at the drop of a hat these days. But again I feel that you can only get angry at someone when you feel something deep for them. Anger is a part of love, if you ask me. Or lust. Its amazing how he manages to piss the hell out of me and then does one thing showing sheer love that makes me melt like ice on fire. That's what we are. Nobody till date has been able to manage my tantrums this well. And with so much patience. He

It is what it is

There was a time when a face flashed in my mind whenever I was happy. Or sad. The same face flashed every time I went to sleep at night and was a major aspect of my dreams. That was the face that came to my mind as soon as I woke up. That was the face that brought ample smiles on my face. That face made me feel good. Feel wanted and special. This was until sometime ago. Well, nothings changed much. Nothing apart from the face. Yes, anything and anyone is replaceable. And in all honestly its not tough. Some things and people are meant to be forgotten. But again its not easy to forget until its been replaced. Maybe it can be done otherwise but this is how it works for me. New and improved is always better they say. No pun intended. When my phone broke down in the middle of the road a few months back it did not take me five minutes to walk into the nearby store and pick a new one. Yeah I mourned for the old one for a few days and now that's the last thing on my mind. Or be it my white

A Happy View

I know I know I have been missing from this space for a while. Blame it on my super busy life or my laptop at home that refuses to boot up. I'm not even able to take out some time to go get it checked. No, I've not been busy doing important things like work, read or write. Life has been moving so fast, that the day is over before I know it. One look at my nails with chipped red nail polish will tell you how busy I have been. I'm the one to redo all my nails even if there is a scratch on one. And look what life has brought me to now. I actually removed the paint on my way to work today. The auto guy was giving me all strange kind of looks. It only got worse when I lit a smoke after I was done. More glares. Stare all you want moron, like I care anyway. Just taking a fifteen minute break at work to write this. Hardly a month at my new project and I'm bored already. The only thing that is keeping me going is that I'll be travelling soon. The place is not yet decided. Bu

The Ring & The Call

A 1200 km road trip does wonders for you. For starters, it blows enough wind into your left ear to remove the rusted clutter from your brain through your right ear. It gives you immense pleasure to just sit by the beach at 2 am lost away from the world sipping onto a chilled drink watching the waves rise high and crash amidst the dim moon light. Serene it was. It is exactly during these times that I miss having a boyfriend. I was with great friends, but suddenly the need for someone special rose to its peak. Slow breeze, semi warm sand, sound of waves, stars shining down and the beautiful smiling moon. This has always been my ultimate fantasy. But there I was enjoying it. Alone. And then came the call. Just like an immediate answer to my thought. For once, for once God seemed to be kind to me. It was the most beautiful 30 minutes of my life. It was like he was right there living my fantasy. He does everything he can to make me happy or atleast to see me smile. No one can handle my temp

Until next time

Things have been going great for quite a while now and I'm finally beginning to settle down and get used to the calm and serene life. My life now suddenly seems like a perfect recipe with the perfect ingredients in right doses. Happiness, satisfaction, love, faith, hope, desire, understanding all together blended with my attitude is quite a tasty dish I must say. Love is how you see it and life is what you make it. Amen! I might be getting a bit too personal on my posts oflate, but have you guys realised that we need to vent only when we are really happy or uncontrollably sad. The in between phase never gets words out. That's how it works for me. Life's been great professionally and personally but please don't be surprised if you don't get to read much about my personal life any more. Naah, not that I don't want to share but I'm seriously tired of answering to random people. I did not even know that these people knew that I own a blog space. Kinda freaks