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Cos you are NOT worth it

I find it really funny when the people whom I have cut out of my life come back asking me why I did so.


  1. people are such insatiable things dnt u think?

  2. I keep it simple and don't let them know I've cut them out of my life =P

  3. lolz..yeh ..they never stop to think that it could be there fault! if they were that good they would not have been ditched! soemtimes we ditch such people coz we know if we wont they will do that to us!!!

  4. sometimes they are not worth it, but sometimes it may happen that they were, any one can do depends how clearly you had cut the bond!!!!

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  5. On diwali one such ex-friend called to wish me.. just to be polite I wished him back. (its been 2 yrs since I kicked him out of my life). Then he starts talking like nothing ever happened. And when I ask what the hell does he think he's doing, he says 'I thought everything was forgiven 'coz u wished me back'.

    :| WTF?

    Some people just don't get it. They are blind to the damage they've done.

  6. Heh :). I agree. Some people just can't take a hint!

  7. Umm I think it's a matter of being satisfied.. May be they weren't worth it or maybe they were..

    Like in my case, if I cut someone out of my life, I tell them why. Similarly, if someone needs me out of theirs, I'd humbly accept it, but I'd prefer being given a reason rather than being forced to assume :).. But again, to each his own!

  8. They are oblivious or blind to the damage they caused.
    That's why.

  9. I agree with people are plain shameless..;-)

  10. have your way of hitting the nail... I dump people like hot potatoes :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D i am so mean and evil :-D

  11. Hahah. A funny thing happened here just two days back. A guy i had a serious crush on, and who's Facebook profile i visited for like several times, without expecting a friend request from him, like five years ago, added me now saying 'Hey, just wannt keep up with old people i know. Lets be Friends?'

    Hahah. And i disowned him. Cause he never worth acceptance in MY facebook profile, i realized. :D

  12. @quartertoinsane,
    They are. Me included.

    You don't? Then they must be popping up more often na? Letting them know that I've cut them off makes them come back, if I don't let them know they'd stay. In a pickle I'm in :P

    Tell me about it!!

    Oh yeah cowboy ;)

    They never think. Seriously! Your last line is absolutely true! Everyone is paranoid about losing someone.

    Any one can make mistakes, but there is something called handling it well after that. I don't cut people without a rock solid reason, and I cut it hard. Never to come together again.

    Ewww, such a loser. Tell him that for me, will ya? People do get it. Its just that they don't want to accept that they are now worthless to someone.

  13. @Spiff,
    Some people can't. But the ones who do, struggle in acceptance.

    @confused soul,
    I tell them why too, I'm a very frank person so everyone knows why I do what. When inspite of being very clear about your displeasure with a few people, and yet they come back crawling, that's when it gives you the creeps. Loser club anyone?

    True true true!

    True true true true!

    @Chintu Singh,
    Oh yeah I do hit the nail. And right where it hurts! That's how normal people are supposed to be. Go and let go I'd say :P. Mean and evil? Join the club my love :D

    Perfect slap that one! Proud of ya :)

  14. They might be ready again to get another smack on their face I guess! :P

  15. Actually, they don't come back =P They stay out of it. I prefer it that way. Less drama.

  16. someone people just don't see it. You need to 'tell' them they're cropped.

  17. @Sonia,
    Oh yeah you bet!

    You're lucky they don't come back. I prefer it that way too, but that never happens. Its a small world after all.

    @~Sugar Cube~,
    Telling them doesn't help too. They fail to see the obvious.

  18. True, true, but you can get lucky =P

  19. It's because they still smell your fragrance...

  20. @Angel,
    Did someone tell you that? :)


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