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Its a Wonderful Life

Need I say more? This is the most happiest phase of my life. For the first time ever things are going exactly the way I want them too. Rather the way I saw them happening. You may not have missed someone, but you know that he is special when there is a big smile on your face and a relief in your heart the minute you see him again. It is a very care free and happy feeling. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the way I wanted it to be. This is the way it is.

Happiness is a state of mind I agree, but without beautiful things around its difficult to get into that state. No complaints. I'm surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people and life looks more beautiful than ever. Love is slowly growing and this feeling is nothing short of awesomeness. Love for life, love for small things, love for him.

I've got nothing more to say. Life as I see it now, is wonderful.


  1. Such a happy post. :) I am happy to see you this way. :)

    Stay happy :) :*

  2. Wonderful to see such happiness brimming and overflowing. May you be in this happy state perennially.

  3. DUDE! I love your template. :O
    and happiness is such an amazing happy emotion :D
    Wish you stay the same inshallah!

  4. happy post made me happy :)

    congratulations :)

    stay connected :)

  5. So your post finally brought a genuine smile on my face. I did not have a genuine one since morning. Heh thanks!
    Glad that life is beautiful for you and i hope the phase goes on for ever with no hiatus.

  6. Okay. I confess. I am a regular reader of LOL and you don't know that because I haven't commented much. But this happy post has pledged to get it all out of me :) When I visited your blog, your latest post was 'It rained all night' and I haven't read anything as awesome as that until today :)

    Good to know that everything is happening as you want it to :) and there is love in the paradise :)



  7. what a refreshing change of mood :) Good for you!

  8. Bubbles!! :) Be happy always Soumya.

  9. @Srinidhi,
    Thank you so much :)

    Living to love and loving to live, yes! :)

    @Atrocious Scribblings,
    Thank you so much. Touch wood.

    Thank you so much and welcome :)

    @the other side of me,
    I will :D

    @its me!!! sharan :),
    Thanks :)

    Welcome :)! I hope so too. I'm sure it will :)

    That post remains a personal favourite too. Please visit and comment regularly. Everything is fine now and I cannot be more happier. Thanks :)

    I know! Thanks :)

    You're back! Thanks :)

  10. :Happy: :Happy: :D I know I know my calls make your day :P. Though a short post, these 10 lines made me smile. Hope you continue this way. Amen !

  11. Envy. Gimme some of that.

    Kisi ki nazar na lage

  12. Yo-yo! Sorry for the absence but back again & (FYI :P) done reading all the previous posts :)
    You always write good stuff. It's a treat to eyes to see you in this state. Go gurly, get the sky :) Muaah :-*

  13. Love makes life beautiful, God bless u.

  14. awww so happy 4u...
    love is beautiful!! makes ur heart dance

  15. @Stranger!,
    Oh they surely do :P. Thanks :)

    *touchwood*. Thanks lady :)

    Now, wasn't that sweet. Thanks. Muaah :)

    Thanks :)

    @Ruchi Jain,
    It sure does. Thanks :)

    @Glamorous Barbie,
    Thanks dear. It sure does.

  16. :-)You got the abbreviation all wrong...LOL should stand for Lots Of ur case...;-)

  17. @Rahul,
    Love=Life for me, so it seems about right :)


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