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Hope, Blessings & Crap

3 flights, 19 hours of travel, a 4 hour wait at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (which by the way, sucks to the core!), an hour wait at the beautiful and enormous Dubai International Airport, sleep deprived and jet lagged, I arrived at Accra. My home for the next 30 days. For those who don't know, Accra is the capital city of Ghana in West Africa. Not the place I had in mind for my first ever international travel, but after a week here I have no complaints. The place is beautiful in its own way and the Sterling group of hotels where I'm staying in, more than makes up for it. And so does the 6 figure income that I shall get out of this.

The people here are extremely friendly and helpful. The city resembles Bangalore in every way with congested traffic and huge buildings. Minus the pricking hot weather during the day, I have nothing negative to say about this place. Until now atleast. I'm loving the place I stay, the people I meet and the work I'm doing. How a jean and T-shirt clad girl turned into a respected corporate consultant in pencil skirts and high heels working directly with the clients is an achievement for me. I love what I am doing here but I never thought I'd get this serious about work. But now, that seems to be the only thing in mind. 16 hours a day go into work and I have no regrets. I love every minute of my life today. *Smiles*

A week here and nothing else has changed. The time difference does take a toll and I try my best to stay in regular touch with my parents, friends and that someone special out there. At times it is hard to believe that he actually stays up till 2.30 am everyday just to talk to me. It is 9 pm for me here and that's when I get out of my work and when I'm free. He makes sure I get back safe, talks to me while I prepare my dinner, waits until I finish eating and then lulls me to sleep. Yeah I'm blessed, I know. *Smiles again*

A few blogger pals updated me on a certain purple dino writing crap about me. Ah well, like Phoebe says 'Dinosaurs, dragons.. Potato, Potahto'. I couldn't care less and like how they said, my pretty eyes have much more better things to read and see. I'm famous in the real world and when someone is trying to defame me in the virtual world, how does that even matter. It obviously is the other way for them, trying to get famous by ranting about other bloggers. Ah well, can't blame them. Like I once said before, people who have gone through serious trauma early in their life tend to get demented. Haven't you all heard about the 'Red Dragon'? Do you need more proof? Oh wait, oh wait, finally the code is cracked. Now I get the significance of the dragon. Perhaps, its a universal thing. *Laughs out loud*

Its really funny about how such people think they are so smart for the world and go yapping about their friends, weddings and scenarios, maybe intentionally ignoring the truth. Just so they know, the wedding at which you thought you looked really hot draped around in 6 yards of cheap polyester dirty white cloth, the bride told the rest of us "What is she doing here?". Ditto with my best friend, whom you think was a good friend of yours whom you lost, at whose wedding you turned up with both pati and woh. I guess now the poor octopus is dead again with the entire dragon family existing at work. And the next time you go to visit a newly wedded couple at their home, just do that. Visit, and fuck off. Don't make them cook lunch for you, eat it, romance your partner on their couch, make them cook dinner for you and pack it so that you can take it home. In such scenarios it so happens that the husband will tell his newly wedded bride to not invite any of her friends home. Well, it happened. And you only successfully managed to tick more people off when she called teary eyed to let us know.

Its about time you wipe the spit of your juniors from your face and look clearly as to what other people whom you claim to be important to you, think about you. I am 6000 miles away and yet I know about everything happening there. And you know what I don't ask for it, this comes to me from eager people around wanting to let me know. I just brush it off as unwanted information. But, if you tend to tick me off the wrong way you'd surely get it back. Stay away from my space and I'd do the same. You started the rant on blogosphere, inviting troubling for fame. I must thank you for one thing though, you have sure been a constant source of our entertainment for quite sometime now. It is a long file, else I sure would have attached the list of PJs we have about the "delivery" you do. Just so you know its not only me, its the whole world out there.

Well well, I don't let things bother me anymore. Looking out from my window I see the bright sun glistening over the crystal clear pool, and that's how my life has been for almost a year now.

Oh yeah, 2011 has been good. And I'm sure 2012 will be better.

Hope is a good thing. A real good thing.


  1. Yes, hope sure is a good thing. I like how you look at the positive side of things and don't bother about people ranting shit about you. Very few people can do that.

    And yes. you're lucky about that 'special someone' .. That's so sweet of him man!! I'm proud of you sweetie. You've earned your luck in Accra.. All the very best :)

  2. Accra, i played a game that had that place... is it really that beautiful?

    congrats on 2011, have fun in 2012 :D

  3. Finally a post! All the best with the assignment and u sure took that Dragon out. :D

  4. lolz..yes wotelse Dinos can do?!
    I wish you a very happy 2012..stay happy and blessed hamesha:-)

  5. Best wishes for your first international assignment in the dark continent! Nice read!

  6. Soumya,

    Have a nice time when there. I am sure you will prove your worth by working hard. May God bless you both with lots of happiness in the years to come. And do not waste your time and energy on such issues.

    Take care

  7. someone getting richer day by day.... :P great to hear that... lets c where the winds blow me.. may be Ghana :P

    Weakest LINK

  8. Have a splendid trip. Love the idea of being in a new place for 30 days.

    What u doing? give me details okay?

    You are lovely :*

  9. Congratulations about your new role LOL. This was a really good post :D.

  10. The best thing to do about people is do nothing about them. Yes, the 'people' people who have no role to play in our lives except spitting out venom.
    Its important to find our calling, and find people who make us tick too. Its a toughie. We make mistakes, fall and learn again. Hope, yes, we build castles on it. :)
    There's much to come your way. Have a great great time. :* All the bestestest.

  11. Ouch! Blog fights are not cool! Not cool at all....

    Anyways, you work for IBM too, I didn't know :D I have worked with IBM and love the place :'( bext days were with IBM...

    Have a safe trip, enjoy your stay and shop a lot :D

  12. Ah! Finally a sign of relief after seeing your post. :)
    where have you been? Anyways, glad to see you so happy,Congo for the achievement. Cuddles <3
    Stay fine sweets, Enjoy. Love!

  13. The least thing one should be bothered about is what others say. And believe me, I feel really awkward suggesting this to someone else because it is usually the other way round. I mean my loved ones always tell me this thing. :P
    But anyway, it is true. People's opinion should not come in your way.

    And OMG...someone is earning big. Ahem! ;)
    Congrats dear! Have a safe and a memorable trip. :)

  14. Dear i have just left for a while then so many changes took place..yoooo ,you are so far now ? can't believe you're in Accra? Having higher position ,woooooww not not surprising , a brilliant would really strike anywhere and any time..congrats pretty witty ! God bless you always..and congrats also u have now special someone...then dear ,you change again your template to black , i love that previous one not so easy to read... You take care! You're the best writer always !

  15. Finally ! Something to comment on :D .
    Well lets see ! First of all, Congrats again ! Sad that you din't tell me before going. YES, I expect updates from you, whether you care or not !
    You are getting 6-digit paycheck for working 16 hours? Wow..Marry me <3 :P and somebody please put some sense into my company :'( This Little guy works almost 14 hours a day and still remains poor. Strange that you keep on updating about that special someone here but always avoid the topic when I ask. Aren't you supposed to tell me or shouldn't you tell me? You know it makes me happy seeing your life going smoothly. But anyway, your wish :( .And no matter what people talk about you, don't ever lose your cool and this ---> :) :) :)
    Stay blessed , my dear !

    P.S. Office is fuc**ing me hard ! I So want to call you. Will certainly do as soon as I get enough time for a long conversation :D so much to ask you! Cheers .

  16. Congrats Soumya.. :) Nice read :)

  17. Hey Soumya, is there any mail id I can mail you at?

  18. @Confused Soul,
    Thank you so much. Lucky yes :)

    It is good enough I guess, depends on your definition of beautiful.

    Thanks :D

    Long time my lady! Thank you :)

    Thanks dear :)

    @Rahul Bhatia,
    Thank you.

    Thank you so much Jack. I won't, anymore.

  19. @Rachit,
    Haha, call me if you get here :P

    Its an awesome feeling trust me. I'm working only for now.

    Shall mail you the details :)

    Thank you my dear. *Hugs*

    @Confessions of a wall flower,
    Thank you :)

    Ignorance is bliss from now on. Hope is a wonderful thing.
    I hope only good things do, thank you sweetheart <3

    @Chintu ji,
    Never a fight again, I promised.

    I'm fine and shall be. Thanks love :)

  20. @Sonia,
    There's my lady! :)

    Was busy with work honey, so couldn't get time to write. I'm back now.

    Thanks love <3

    It never mattered, but I just had to vent.

    Big for this month that's it. Sighh if only... :P

    Thanks dear, I'll be fine :)

    Thank you thank you :)

    Welcome ji. I got my visa 4 hours before my travel! So you can imagine how busy I have been to call for updates. Sorry :(

    Hehehe I thought you were having fun there. Come back to Bangalore, we'll find you a high paying job. Well, honestly the special someone's keep changing from time to time. You know the commitment phobe I am, warna tumse shaadi nahi kar leti ab tak? :P

    So I just enjoy and cherish it while it lasts. And at times it is not worth talking about especially when I know its not gonna have a future. I have nothing to hide from you or anyone. I'll fine and shall be. People can say what they want!

    Thank you ji.

    P.S: Awaiting the call. I sent you my Accra number right?

    Welcome here and Thank you!

    Well, we spoke :D

  21. OHHH LALALA! big pay eh girl? No I wont be jealous coz you rally deserve it. And the place sounds inviting!! Shop a everything you can!!
    Sweet guy I must say. After lots of dark posts on love and being confused, I am happy that you are accepting whst coming ur way and not letting it slip away. Let time decide.
    Happy for u girl!
    and about blog fights. Ignorance is bliss. Let it go.
    2011 indeed was greaT. EVEN FOR ME

  22. :| Laaaaaaaate, I am.

    Accra eh? Sounds faaaaiiiyn:)
    Have fun, lady.
    He does that? Wow. That is the sweetest thing ever!<3

    Cheers to you and a new beginning:)

    P.S: You FB DP is sowwww haaaaawt. I can't stop drooling when you show up on my feed:P

  23. @Red,
    Thank you so much my lady :)

    Thanks :)

    Laaaate you are :|
    Thanks sweetie, he's a sweetheart no doubt. But but but... :)

    P.S: Awwwww *blush*

  24. Let people rant about you, it's simply because you're good and you have a much interesting life than theirs! :)

    Yes, blogsphere is filled with such people. I had people who came up to me with their ridiculous antithetical remarks, but I replied them with much assurance. Yes, they can grumble and oppose how much they want, but on their own space. Everyone possesses the right to have a say, but not by intimidating others. Well written about that soumya! :)

    Hope, yes it can bring about lots of changes. One should have hope even in a dark night. Hope for a beautiful sun rise.

    I love reading your blog as it is filled with so much of positivity and clarity! It keeps me contented :)


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