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Role Play - Part 2

Role Play - Part 1 Atif stood ready, waiting to pounce on her. Her hands were behind her back. She came forward and brought her hands in front of him. " Here. You forgot your bag. See you tomorrow, Sir ." She smiled. Atif was stunned and embarrassed at the same time. The chauvinist that he was was, he felt offended. " Hmmm.. " He said and walked out of the trailer.  The assistant quickly stubbed his cigarette, waved a salute and went back into the trailer. Sania was early the next day. The scene to be shot was her murder scene. The continuity of the scene they had shot yesterday. She was supposed to step into the bath tub and then a stranger would appear and drown her. This scene was vital for the movie. She was then to come back as a ghost and haunt the people who killed her. Cliched, she had thought initially. But as she continued reading the script, she realized that it was not like those usual revenge movies. Horror was probably n

Role Play - Part 1

" Action ." The director screamed. A lady clad in a white silk bath robe appeared before him, looked sexily straight into camera and then took two small steps towards her left. The camera zoomed out a bit and a bathroom set came into view. She then slowly moved towards the bath tub in the center of the room and dropped her robe. Her naked frame soon filled the camera screen and she moved forward to get into the tub. " CUT! " The director roared. Sania Tripati rose from the bath tub and hurriedly draped the robe around herself feeling suddenly conscious. She then looked up at the director, Atif. No one knew his full name or anything about his background. He was known to launch new faces and Sania was more than thrilled to work with him. His movies did more-than-average business and she was sure that this movie would get her noticed. Atif approached her. " Good shot ." He said and patted her shoulder. Then he yelled to the crowd around, " Pac

It Happened!

My eyes were searching for him the minute I entered the venue. Then I felt stupid, because I knew he had not yet arrived. I was taken to a room and seated there. Here I sat, all decked up in the silk saree and the jewellery that we had picked up together. I knew I looked good, yet I wanted his acknowledgement. After all, all this was for him. As the minutes passed, I oscillated between staring at the clock and the mirror. After adjusting my hair for the billionth time, he called to say that he had reached. My parents rushed out to greet him and his family. But I was still asked to be seated inside the room, waiting to be called out. Thankfully his room was straight opposite mine. The door to my room was slightly ajar and I could see tiny glimpses of him. It was a while before I could get a good look at him. From across the room I gazed at him. He looked splendid. I knew that the blue would look great on him. He looked back at me and stared in awe. This was the first time

Remember to Forget - Concluding Part

Remember to Forget - Part 1 /  Remember to Forget - Part 2 /  Remember to Forget - Part 3 Pia was silent now as she stared into the sky. Archana was angry. " Answer me Pia. You still love him right? Wait, did you make up all this just to get me away from Samar, so that you can have him ?" Pia was about to say something when Archana put up her hand. " Pia listen, he loves you. I know how much he does. You probably are the only one he has held on to for so long. If you love him, you can always go back to him ." Pia remained calm, " I did not make up anything Arch. That's the truth ." Archana did not seem interested. " I don't care Pia. The fact that Samar asked you to marry him when I've been with him for more than a year is enough for me to hate him. I don't need anything more ." Before Pia could reply, Archana walked away. Pia took a deep breath and looked up. Her hand went to the pendant across her neck an

Remember to Forget - Part 3

Remember to Forget - Part 1 / Remember to Forget - Part 2  " Samar, I..... " Pia mumbled. The music in the hall suddenly stopped and every one was silent. Pia looked up to see what was happening. Samar was irritated. Talk about spoiling the moment. He caught hold of Pia's hand. " Please finish " he said. " Okay. Samar ...." A screeching sound filled the air, and then; " Calling Mr. Samar Nath. Someone at the entrance is looking for you. Mr. Samar Nath, please report to the reception immediately. Repeating, Mr. Samar Nath, please report to the reception immediately ." " Damn, who the hell is this now. Why can't they call me on my phone instead? What's the need for the announcement?" Samar was frustrated. Pia was annoyed too. " Its okay, just go check who it is and be back ." " But Pia ....." " Even I want to finish this soon Samar, but this seems like an emergency. Just go ." S

Remember to Forget - Part 2

Remember to Forget - Part 1 Samar looked around the dimly lit hall. Almost all the women out there were dressed in black and yet he knew that his Pia was not around. He felt a sinking feeling inside. Then for a second he thought that she might be in the washroom. He rushed towards the rest room area and waited for full fifteen minutes. She did not come out. He then went back to the party hall and did another quick scan. Still no sight of her. Finally after thinking for a while he dialed her number. Busy tone. "Phew!" he heaved a sigh of relief. At least she was okay. And then hit the pang of jealousy. "Whom could she be talking to?". He brushed away all these thoughts from his head and approached Nitesh who now had arrived at the bar. " Hey Nitesh, have you seen Pia ?" he asked. " I did. But then you took her away from me ." He sounded irritated. " Not then you moron. Now. Probably within the last 20 minutes or so ." "

Remember to Forget - Part 1

Samar was thinking hard. "Would she come?". He walked around with a glass of Glenfiddich, sipping way too often than necessary. Since she had not arrived even after half an hour he gulped it down and went to fetch himself another large. Today was the company's anniversary celebration. An event when every one from the prestigious multinational gathered together to celebrate. Celebration was the last thing on his mind. He had come to see her. He knew she would be here; she was not the one to miss out on a celebration. But where was she? It had been more than a year since he saw her, and they had not ended things in a peaceful way. She had left him for something wrong he did. He knew that she had not forgiven him yet, but he wanted a chance to explain. He had been in love with her for about five years now, and he wanted a chance to ask for another chance. She had carefully maintained her distance from him. Not answering his calls, not replying to his mails, chats, me

October Update

This year has flown by so quick. Its October already and I still remember the first day of this year like it was yesterday. Its been an extremely good year so far inspite of the small glitches here and there. This also happens to be the year where I have written the least number of posts. This year has been so eventful that I have been busy living life without looking back or pausing. First the good news. Cal and me are going to be engaged in two and married in six months. This is the only part of my life that has been preponed. By choice. My choice. I always planned to get married when I was 28, but again I never thought I shall find a guy I want to be married to until then. Today, I just can't wait and I'm achieving this dream two years earlier. Yay me. Even though it all seems like a perfect fairy tale with a happy ending, it was not easy to get here. Being the second of the two daughters and getting married first is something I had to fight for. Even though my parents

Getting Even

"I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. I don't know what I was thinking", quipped Saahil. Niharika was quiet. Finally, "Do you love her?", she asked. "No honey, I love you. It was just one time, a mistake. Please forgive me."                               *A gun shot* Saahil lay on the floor with blood oozing out of his temple. He wriggled for a while before going still. "Now, we're even." Niharika said and walked away, cupping her swollen belly. ~ Soumya


“ Her eyes show me the light of the day   The crescent of her lip sings for my soul   Her long black tresses show me there is hope   Her being by my side makes me feel whole ” Simi re-read these lines, before she shut the book. “This would make any woman feel beautiful and loved”, she told herself. Sigh. He was awesome. Every word he wrote seemed to mesmerize her. She re-read each of his verse several times a day. His words were simple, but they oozed feelings. This was the first time she felt love. That peaceful, serene feeling inside. Every written word spoke to her and many a time she shed a tear feeling the emotion. The rhymes caressed her and tickled her body. She did not know what it was, but she was in love with it. She looked forward to his magic every week. She lived for it. His poetry made love to her and she lived on thinking that he was her lover. Week after week, month after month. “ Today, she put her feeble hand in mine   I held her tight ne