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Touch Me & I will Follow

Meeting you was a miracle in itself
Good times then continued to flow
You brought out the buried parts in me
The child like squigle and the womanly glow

There was an ease when I came to you
The common wit was the best ever base
When sense of humor binds us strongly
We know that this is the most lovely phase

Common thoughts and awesome comfort
Is something very very hard to find
When you can laugh at yourself without inhibitions
You know you can control both the heart and mind

With you around, life feels simple
No complications about the future or the past
There was a meaning to every meeting
Even with a coffee we could have a blast

Day by day the strings wound more tight
Yet not once did it feel like a chore
It maybe a mistake, but it does feel right
If it was wrong it would have bothered the core

No regrets, no complaints, was the agreed mantra
It just happened without any effort
We just got lost in our beautiful world
Without the need for any kind of alert

You've given me unadulterated happiness
Making me feel the need to use the taboo 'L' word
What I feel for you is from deep within
I don't say it but I'm sure you've heard

You made me the center of your being
'No' is the word you have never used on me
With a smile you bore my anger and crankiness
Inspite of me, you have let me be

The happiness that you see in my eyes
Reflects the love that I see in yours
Feeling your touch drives me nuts
That smile of yours completely lures

I know you love me without expectations
You can hold me tight and vanish my sorrow
I'm the Lioness who is known to lead
But you touch me right, and I shall follow


  1. Somebody seems to be in LOVEEEEE :)..Yay!!!! The best feeling ever..The happiness this guy sees in your eyes and the love you see for him in your eyes....Love doesn't come planned,it just happens :)...Love all the love in this post !!!!

  2. wow~ ! I loved the new outlook of your page soumya..and the poem too:-)

  3. The last two lines!! PERFECT ENDING!!
    Perfect perfect...
    and when you said 'It might be a mistake but it does feel right'...I SMILED!!
    Loved it!

  4. "I'm the Lioness who is known to lead
    But you touch me right, and I shall follow"

    Aahhhh... Loved it and Thats going down in my small notebook! ;)

  5. Love love love. wohhoooo I loved this post. :D

  6. Women are always bitching about men, but there really are some gems out there who bear all our drama and tantrums, and expect very little in return!
    Lovely poem!

  7. I love this poem. Despite not being a lioness, i like to lead. Except when it feels right to follow.

    love the flow and the words.

    You stole my thoughts, craved them with perfection and penned them.

    Love you :)

  8. Comfort should never turn into compromise...

    May the strings stay attached strongly as ever :)

  9. May these magic moments never end. May you be blessed this year, and every next year. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. It's like quick-sand. Get pulled.


  11. Hello.
    I live, eat, breathe love. I am one who exists in the image of love. Love is my life-force & the ink for my pen.

    The thing about love is that it creeps up on you when you least expect it. When it arrives, we should embrace it with our whole hearts & lose ourselves in its magic, because it's the best feeling ever.

    These are some beautiful sentiments expressed here Soumya.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Take Me Under Your Special Wings

  12. The last two lines were awesome....
    the new look is really cool...
    loved every bit of it.... :)

  13. damn! beautifully penned. for your sake and for the sake of hope, i hope its not just imaginary stuff :)

  14. @Bobblehead,
    I am, thanks :)
    It just happened I know and that's the best thing ever to happen to me.
    Glad you liked it! :)

    Thanks dear :)

    Good? I made sure it rhymed again ;)

    Thank you thank you!

    @The Meditating Lion,
    Thanks my dear.
    Awwww that's sweet :)

    Thanks youhoo :)

    There is and I have found one :)
    Thanks babe!

  15. @Srinidhi,
    You feel like a Lioness to me. Women like to lead, but this man made me want to follow. That's love I guess :)
    Aaaaargghh, you accusing me of stealing? :P
    Love you too babe <3

    @Beyond Horizon,
    It never should and in my case it never will.
    Thank you :)

    :O :O :O :O :O
    There you are!
    Thank you so much and wish you the same. Keep visting, don't abscond again!! :)

    Woohoo, Thanks :)

    I did not know when and how it happened, but I know it happened and that's all I want to know. Its the best feeling ever no doubt.
    Thanks Andy!

    Thank you, thank you!

    @manan guju,
    Thank you and it definitely is not imaginary stuff. Nothing on this blog is! :)

  16. Whoa...this was such a pleasantly perfect poem. =)

    I have got no words to express how beautiful it is. From the heading till the last line, I bore a smile on my face. It touched me in the most subtle manner.


  17. A lovely melody of love beautifully penned!

  18. My dear is in love i happy for you witty pretty . ,hope this is forever :)

  19. Oh ,seems my dear is in love..glad to know that ..hope it will be forever.. Take care !

  20. @Mirage,
    Thank you dear :)

    Thanks sweetheart!

    Thank you sir.

    I am in love and very happy. Thanks angel :)

  21. Wow! Pretty strong emotions weaved in those words. Loved it!

  22. Awww this is such a wonderful poem!! I am blushing, so much love!! Or as the internet babies say, so much feels!!! LOVED IT!!!
    *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* (cos one hug was just not enough to cover the happy feeling in this poem)

  23. Ah, a sweet and tender poem. :) How wonderful to reminisce on the first meeting and thereafter! <3

  24. Beautifully expressed, Soumya! Especially loved the last 2 lines...
    "I'm the Lioness who is known to lead
    But you touch me right, and I shall follow"
    That's what genuine love does to us, doesn't it? It reveals parts of us that we never knew existed before.


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