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Desert Of Joy

I'm not a very fantasy type girl
Yet you make all my dreams come true
There is nothing that you have left unfulfilled
Is that why I love you?

You make me yearn for you more
Your bright smile just dissolves in me
Making me glow from within
This is as beautiful as it can be

My heart now sings to your tune
Every beat seems to chant your name
Almost alike, yet so different
Together we make a perfect frame

A day away from you
Makes me feel like a lost lamb
You are all I need, I know for sure
What the world says, I don't give a damn

You brought back the colors
In my near perfect black and white life
I would be lying if I said that
I haven't dreamt of being your wife

You make me want to commit
To this amazing thing that we share
You my love are the chosen one
To whom my feelings I can bare

You bring out the child in me
Surprising me with every move
The woman in me is all smiles
When she sees your crazy groove

Slowly you have just blended into me
Giving me bright shiny butterfly wings
I'm totally lost in the music you make
Funnily now my soul also sings

Thanks to you, the Lioness can now
Blush to glory and act all coy
Tomorrow sure is there for us
For now, lets get lost in this desert of joy

~ Soumya


  1. That verse about being the wife --- So true! So damn true. Don't we all dream and wish?

  2. It's lovely...
    Simple and yet so b'ful.
    Honest, innocent and fresh.
    Soumya... You have laid out your heart here.
    I rarely come across so much openness and alacrity.

  3. I am blown woman!!! This is fantastic. I always felt happy poetry is difficult to write. You will definitely change that notion. :)

    Love this. Love you :)

    I must meet the lioness all happy and coy!! :D

  4. aww...this is so nice and cutely romantic too..ahhh I miss poetry so much..its been a while since I've written any poems :)

    take care..

  5. Very touching and so very real
    I had wished.. I still wish for all of these
    Keep writing more and more..

  6. "Slowly you have just blended into me
    Giving me bright shiny butterfly wings
    I'm totally lost in the music you make
    Funnily now my soul also sings"
    I feel this for a person so deeply!! So very deeply....
    Beautiful as always Soumya!

  7. :-)

    Hope he reads it...
    and writes his own version for you... :D

  8. 'Lioness can now blush to glory'
    This couldn't have a better end. SIGH!!!!

    You are all in love sweetheart!! :-* ^_^

  9. does this mean v will be getting an invite to a engagement soon?

  10. beautiful..beautiful..beautifull..!!!
    every line in the poem is sprinkled with so much love...*touchwood* a zillion times.
    a toast to you and your beloved dahlin..:)
    hold on tight to it..and enjoy the amazing journey of love..:)


  11. Somebody is high on love doze!! Yeyy!! Keep smiling :)

  12. So dreamy! :) :)

    ... But I have to say, being the wife is not as romantic it sounds! Hehe! :P :P Take it from me, I have been one for a week, and pssst I was bawling in 3 days, mujhe mummy chahiyeeee! :P :P hahaha! :)

  13. @Chintu ji,
    We do :)

    Thank you :)

    Thanks love.
    You must meet me, me looking forward to meet you :)

    Thank you, you should start writing poems too.
    You take care too :)

    Thank you. Will write more and thank you for visting.

    Thank you Red. And it feels so good right?

    He reads it and writes much better things for me :D

  14. @Mirage,
    I totally am!! :D

    Yes, soon.

    Thank you :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Mwaaaaah <3

    Thank you :)

    Totally high and rocking it!! Thanks love.

    Awww don't tell that, just when I was looking forward to be one!


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