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Earn it, Flaunt it

Warning: Long post ahead. He: Damn, I need this bike. Its so awesome. Me: Okay, buy it. He: Very expensive. No money for it now. Me: Okay, buy it when you can afford it. Did I say anything wrong out here? He then went on blabbering about how he can get a loan easily based on his property back home. "I have property worth more than 2 crores", he said. I'm like "Isn't that what your grandparents and parents made". And then he goes, "So what, it still is mine". So what? Hello! What the fuck ever happened to self respect. I've seen a lot of people these days who wear brands they have not heard of and obviously bought by their parents. They talk about how big and elusive their home is, the ones that their parents built. They talk about the elaborate vacations they take, funded by their parents. They talk about the classiest of pubs/lounges they visit, all swiped by the credit card paid by their parents. Its funny. Really really funny. Its fairly sim

Not the Best Policy

"Soumya, you are very honest. And your honesty kills me" "I love you for your frankness. Even if it hurts me at times" "If I could have killed you every time you told the bitter truth, you would have died a dozen times" "You could have atleast lied to make me feel good" "Don't ever say that again. But yeah, don't stop being honest" I have got this most of the times. I never bothered about it, cos I'm a kind of person who tells out what is inside her. I don't like to be two faced. I feel it and I say it. It never hit me, until I hurt Cal yesterday. I'd die before doing that again. I need to learn to weigh my words before I let them flow. For him, I shall. Sarcasm always prevents you from blurting out the exact truth. And I have mastered that by now. But when it comes to the person you love the most in the world, how can you be sarcastic? Especially knowing that what you are gonna say is going to hurt them to the core.

Calvin and Hobbes

He's the smart one, always brimming with ideas. A non stop thinker. A bundle of knowledge for the small frame he's blessed with, standing exactly at my height (although I'm half an inch taller than him, he chooses to deny it :P). He brightens up my life like no one else. I thought I knew almost everything about the world. Politics, economics, business, national and international happenings, sports, movies and basic philosophy. But he happens to be the speaking tree for all these. Its a pleasure to talk to him and we can talk, debate or even argue about anything under the sun. He has his own take on life. Although I don't agree to all of it, I respect him for it. Our thoughts match most of the time, and in the rare cases where it does not we both reach common grounds and settle it. He lets me be me, inspite of the nerve wreck I can be at times. He approaches life with hope and I with anger. Our approaches coincide at times, but never overlap. He has a life apart from me

Wish you were here

Wish you were here Holding me tight and close I wanna feel your breath And gently peck your nose I wanna hear you whisper Softly into my ear Its just this time Now on, I'll always be near ~ Soumya