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What Happened in May

~ I got promoted! :D :D

~ My parents just found out about me and Cal and they are thrilled. His parents knew quite a while ago and their reaction was the same. So talks are on now, will break the good news soon.

~ I've been jobless for more than a month now, that I've put on quite some weight. If I don't lose it soon, I'd have to buy a new wardrobe.

~ I've been so bored that I put up a boring post just for the sake of it.

~ Got the perfect break I wanted. Goa and relaxing at home. But now I'm getting bored. I need a project soon.

~ Realised that exes can never be friends. Flings are okay, but you can never be friends with the people whom you have been in love with.

~ Cal and I made our first public appearance on Facebook. The pic got 90 odd likes. We're overwhelmed.

~ Had the best waffle ever, here in Bangalore. Nothing like a waffle and poached pears for breakfast.

~ Managed to get Cal to develop a taste for eggs. He's a Brahmin and I'm a hardcore non vegetarian. I'm terribly worried about his protein intake, so I was ecstatic when his taste buds loved the Spanish omelette.

~ My best friend just got married! Still can't believe it.

~ I loved 'Rowdy Rathore' and hated 'Shanghai'.

~ A relative of mine has been stalking me on Facebook and on my blog. And has been ranting to my entire family about Cal and me in the worst possible way. Seriously, if you had concentrated so much on your own marriage, you'd be really happy with your partner now.

~ Having an overdose of 'Desperate Housewives'. But no regret.

~ May has been awesome. June better top it up.

~ Soumya


  1. 1. Awesome about you and Cal. How often are families so happy?!? Lucky you!! And loads of more luck!!!
    2. Poached pears? Never tried! Am a die hard waffles fan though. Any time of the day. Really.
    3. I shall reserve my comment about your choice in movies :P
    4. Relatives will always be uselessly nosy. IGNORE.

    1. 1. Thank you dear :)
      2. Oh yeah oh yeah!
      3. Ahh, individual opinions my dear :P
      4. Check!

  2. I am so happy for you that May brought along so many good things. :-)

  3. I remember telling you in one of your earlier posts; with the rub of the green going your way, don't be surprised if crazy levels of awesome happens by the end of the month. Lo and behold, you're giving us an update.

    Cheers :)

  4. awwww sweetie em so happy for you.stay happy hamesha:-*

  5. Congrats and Best Wishes...:-)

  6. 2012 in totality so far has been awesome! Let the awesomeness continue! :D

  7. This is me doing the yayyyyy dance *dhinchak dhinchak* :D :D :D :D :D

    Now, the only reason my June is going to be good is cause I am going home for a week! :p

    We shall meet once I return. :D

    1. Yay yay!! I hope you have a great time at home.

      Come back, we'll have a greater time :D

  8. Wait, I'm confused. You got promoted, or you are out of work? Congrats on all the great things happening in your life! May they continue. :) Where did you get those waffles by the way? I am dying to try them too.

    1. I got promoted. Later I left the project to take a break. Now I'm looking out for another project. Very much have a job and am still getting paid ;)

      Thank you so much dear :). Waffles at 'Daddy's Deli' at Indiranagar. Try them, and come back to thank me :)

  9. Hope June is doubly awesome for you. :)


  10. Soumya,

    Read 2 pending posts now. One will definitely have Peace of Mind if all wishes listed by you are fulfilled. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS, yes twice. Once for promotion and more than that for acceptance of Cal by your parents. Waiting for invitation to wedding now. Wish you all the best to shed some extra kilos by work out and not dieting.

    Take care

    1. Thank you thank you! You'll get the invite soon. Oh yeah, working out!

      Thanks Jack. Always appreciate the support.

  11. Yey!! Clap Clap Clap! Hey June, you better be utterly butterly delicious for my Super fighter Soums. Super smiles for ya! Muaah :*

  12. Nice to know u had a great May n tht things r looking good on the personal front too... Hope June roXX fr u, Soumya :)

    I totally agree with u on both the movies.. can u believe the reviews say otherwise??? :)

    Cheerios, Soumya :)

    1. Thanks Raj. The reviews were something else altogether. I still feel maybe I dint understand 'Shanghai' when I re-read the reviews.

      Thank you so much :)

  13. Pls add an option to subscribe via mail

  14. I like the attitude which reflects through this post. I'm glad I stumbled to your place. (I actually found the name quite interesting!)
    This post reminds me of something I wrote on new year, if you'd want to read. (It surely lacks this attitude! :P)

    That feeling you get when you get when you receive so many likes on that picture of you both you love, it's something which ends with a sweet smile. Isn't it?

    Many congratulations!
    And you're right when you say you can never be friends with your ex. Everything just comes back. :/

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to my blog!

      That's a nice blog you have out there.

      Oh yeah that's an awesome feeling. Thanks again :)

  15. I know I am writing late. Yet ya, I bet June was kickass. Congos on all of those good stuff!


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