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Getting Even

"I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. I don't know what I was thinking", quipped Saahil. Niharika was quiet. Finally, "Do you love her?", she asked. "No honey, I love you. It was just one time, a mistake. Please forgive me."                               *A gun shot* Saahil lay on the floor with blood oozing out of his temple. He wriggled for a while before going still. "Now, we're even." Niharika said and walked away, cupping her swollen belly. ~ Soumya


“ Her eyes show me the light of the day   The crescent of her lip sings for my soul   Her long black tresses show me there is hope   Her being by my side makes me feel whole ” Simi re-read these lines, before she shut the book. “This would make any woman feel beautiful and loved”, she told herself. Sigh. He was awesome. Every word he wrote seemed to mesmerize her. She re-read each of his verse several times a day. His words were simple, but they oozed feelings. This was the first time she felt love. That peaceful, serene feeling inside. Every written word spoke to her and many a time she shed a tear feeling the emotion. The rhymes caressed her and tickled her body. She did not know what it was, but she was in love with it. She looked forward to his magic every week. She lived for it. His poetry made love to her and she lived on thinking that he was her lover. Week after week, month after month. “ Today, she put her feeble hand in mine   I held her tight ne

A Matter of Choice - Concluding Part

A Matter of Choice - Part 1 , A Matter of Choice - Part 2 The wedding hall was beautifully decorated. The white walls were covered with dark red and golden curtains. The four pillars around the corner of the mantap were wrapped in red and white carnations, just like that of the arch outside. Everything smelt real fresh and the rain outside seemed to make no difference to the proceedings inside. It was exactly 10.40 and the pundit asked Vikram to tie the mangalsutra around Nidhi’s neck. She looked into his eyes as he did, and she knew that she had made the right choice. Vikram shed a lonely tear and kissed her forehead. The Murthys and the Kumars smiled and hugged each other. Her parents were very happy and Nidhi felt proud of herself for having such wonderful parents who had supported her through everything. Weren’t all parents like this. The Kumars were awesome people who had accepted her like their own daughter. All they wanted was their son to be happy. Sigh, parents!