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Building a Smarter Planet

I completed five years of my corporate life with my first company on the 27th of June. And I was rewarded very well. The feeling of being appreciated is quite something altogether and if it is for something that you put your heart into, then it is an added bonus. I started my corporate life on the 27th of June 2008 as a fresh faced graduate and stepped into the biggest giant of the IT industry. Today whatever I am is because of my tenure here and I'm proud to be associated with this company. I've made some wonderful friends here, some enemies, some ex-boyfriends (yes, I broke the golden rule 'Never date someone at your workplace'), some mentors and some inspirational idols. Some have taught me what I can become and some have shown me what I should not become. 

Five years. Zero regrets. Zillion lessons learnt. 

Talking about appreciation, two of my articles were published in the Tamarind Rice issue for June. Yes, I have been published three months in a row. It sure is a nice feeling, and definitely motivational. Soon I shall start writing my book and hopefully one day it shall get published too. This is more of Cal's dream than mine and I shall do anything to fulfill his dream. Someday. Soon.

So after spending five years with my company which focuses on building a smarter planet, I thought of jotting down a few points that would help us lead a smarter life. Or a better life. No, I'm not going to give out tips on how to save electricity, how to lose weight, how to become fair or how to go green. I'm going to be more realistic. Yes, as usual.

~ Accept yourself the way you are. Tall, short, fair, dark etc. You need to find yourself beautiful, only then the world will appreciate you.

~ Accept the harsh realities of life. Did you fail an exam? Did he/she leave you in the lurch? Did someone close to you die? Did you miss out on something? Whatever it is, accept it and move on. And for God's sake, stop living in denial. 

~ Act your age. Don't be an over enthusiastic teenager trying hard to grow up with the help of push up bras, tattoos or piercings. Also don't be that middle aged soul trying desperately to fit in the crowd with super bikes, a flashy car, the 'yo-yo' slang, a boob job or Botox. Look and act your age. Because believe it or not, people will always know your age.

~ Vent. Don't keep anything within yourself. Write. In a book or a blog. Publishing it or not is your wish. But write. Once you see it in print, you will feel light within yourself. And nothing better than a blog or a diary to spew out your feelings or venom. After all, both are your personal spaces.

~ Mind your own business. Someone bought a car, someone else is dating a foreigner, someone is actually happy etc etc. Believe me, none of your business. Concentrate on your life and let them concentrate on theirs. And for God's sake do NOT stalk people. On Facebook, Twitter or on a blog. Be it an ex, a frenemy or someone you want to keep a tab on. Because trust me, most of the times the owner is smart enough to know who visited their space. Identifying IP addresses and hacking into it is not very tough.

~ Stick on to your beliefs. You might be a small town girl/boy. But just because you are a part of a metropolitan city now, doesn't mean you undergo a self metamorphosis. We all have out foibles, do not put up a veneer to hide it. The more you try to hide, the more it will show. I have seen loads of kids who come to Bangalore to study and take up smoking, drinking, drugs and wear outrageous clothes just to fit in. And when the time comes for them to visit their folks they turn into the typical mama's boy/girl chanting chimes. Best form of cheating. Ever.

~ Do not compare. Even if you are living a fucked up life, make peace with it and see how you can improve it. Do not look at others and feel bad for yourself. And do not curse them for doing better than you. It is no fault of theirs that you are hitting rock bottom. Work on your life yourself, no one else shall or will do it for you. Look at others and set goals or use them as an inspiration. Nothing more or less than that.

~ Have a passion. Apart from your daily work and household chores make room for some activity. A long lost passion perhaps. Reading, singing or even just meditation. Fifteen minutes a day will do. Most of my writing happens when I finish work and wait for the husband to come pick me up. Never wait for the time to pursue a passion. Make time for one.

~ Pamper yourself. Somehow related to the first point but more materialistic here. Once in a while it’s okay to splurge on yourself. So go ahead and buy that shoe you're lusting after. Or go ahead and get that spa treatment you have been dreaming of. No matter how much the bill, that awesome feeling of taking care of yourself will be worth it. But only once in a while. And, don't pamper yourself at another’s cost.

~ Be practical. A knight in shining armor would come for me, all I need is your love and all other blah blah. Total bullshit. Life is never this easy. Word hard, set realistic expectations and go for it. Being romantic and sensitive is good to a certain extent. But being practical is what helps you survive. And that is what is right. 

~ Save. Even if it is a penny, save it. And please do not ever subscribe to a credit card. Its like the Pandora's box. Once you open it, you shall keep paying for it. Buy what you can afford and with the money you already have in your account. Also, whoever buys it, the amount shall remain the same. Just because someone asks you to pick something doesn't mean you pick the most expensive item. Imagine if they do the same to you.

And at last but not the least,

~ Love. Unconditionally but with caution. It is the best feeling in the world no doubt, but it is also the best killer. Be careful and notice the signs in case it is going downhill. Be blind in love, but do not be foolish. Shut the eye, but have all other senses open and ready. 

So, here we go, a few things that I think will help everyone lead a better, simple and smart life. If you think of anything else, please leave a comment. Shall include it in the part-2 of this post, if we have that many.

~ Soumya


  1. Superb list. I'm sure we are all guilty of doing the exact opposite sometime or the other. But we learn. Learn from your mistakes - yes, that's another learning that you can add to the list :)

    1. Oh yeah! Point noted. 'Learn from your mistakes' going to be the first point in the part two.

      Thanks Nisha!

  2. First of all Congrats Soumya! For the 5 yrs anniversary with your corporate life and the articles in Tamarind rice. Loved them :)

    Next, this list is going to be my mantra from this instant. You have compressed everything I try to advise myself into one list. Hope you don't mind if I take a print-out of this and stick it above my bed. Thanks! Seriously!

    1. Thank you so much Keirthana.

      Best. Comment. Ever. Period.

  3. 5yrs at an organisation..?? <o--< I can only dream of that. Congrats for sure, but right now my admiration is more than that.

    And the list is good. You should send it to a Life style magazine. :-)

  4. Hey, Congrats on your 5 year anniversary and nice post , but I don't really agree with the "Act Your Age " point. It is a typically Indian thing which I hated all along. Even when I was younger. Why do we put bars on what you can do and what you cannot at any age? I have friends whose parents trek at the age of 70 and people who follow their passions and desires regardless of age. The rest was pretty cool.

    1. Thanks Sunitha. I totally understand what you are saying here. Following your passion at any age is a good thing. What I said was doing these things just to fit in or get noticed is not cool at all.

      Hope you get the difference :)

  5. Wow... I love you Sowmya for this.

    I wonder whether these things are easier said than done or it comes naturally to you. Do you have to put an extra effort to be the above things.

    Sorry for writing anonymously. I just did not want to go through the extra step of logging into my account with my slow connection. You don't have to crack/hack my IP. Am no stalker but a lover (cheesy much)


    1. Thank you Vidya.

      Some of these come naturally to me and some was learnt the hard way. But today it all comes with ease to me. It probably is a developed skill :D

      No problem, but next time try not to be the lazy bum and login. Haha cheesy much indeed.

    2. Good for you... Hope to be all of this someday too... but then I wonder if 25 years of my existence is not long enough to have some semblance of control over my life habits... huh...!

      -vidya (no excuses... am way too lazy!)

    3. All I can say is 'All the best'.

  6. Congrats for the completion of Five incredible years in one Corporate! I am no where less.. i've completed 6 Yrs but in Four different companies hehe.. :P more than this.. I liked the the points you listed out. Yes Passion and writing really works.. it throws out stress, lazy and loneliness and only 'Happy You' is left out.

    1. 4 companies in 6 years. Wow! They must be lucky to have you :P

      Thanks Sharath. At the end all that matters is the 'Happy You' right? :)

    2. Absolutely right! After all whatever we do, the expected result is "Happy" :)

  7. Congratulations Soumya!! :) I am just two years into this corporate world and been in three places - learnt already so much! Thanks a lot for those useful points - some I already have in my life and some I will act upon!


    1. 2 years, 3 places?? Wow, I seriously don't know what to say. Maybe I'm stuck to my comfort zone.

      You're welcome darling!

  8. Congratulations :)

    I have this pathetic habit of starting something which much fire but after some time, the fire dies out. That could be a strong point. If you start something, don't leave it in the middle and please finish it and show as much enthusiasm as you showed at the beginning.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  9. Congratulations babe. 5 yrs is an achievement!!!!!and that are some amazing lessons u gave!!!


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