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Lover vs Soul-Mate

Those butterflies and saxophones
That long, lust filled dramatic gaze
Is that what makes a lover?
Or the feeling just remains lost in the maze

How do you define a lover?
Slitting wrists or writing a verse
Or is he someone who comes along
And drives you away from a cynical curse

Is there ever a difference
Between a soul mate and a lover
This is how I make sense of it
Lover is a bud and soul mate the flower

A lover is the volatile start
He teases you with a promise
While a soul mate is the happy end
He seals the vow with a kiss

If a lover gives you the heavy blush
A soul mate offers you a forever smile
You will travel miles for the lover
But a soul mate walks with you all the while

A lover brings out the poet in you
He makes you write for him
A soul mate brings out everything else
And you want to write till the brim

A lover fascinates to the core
Its passion embedded in lust
A soul mate charges up the emotions
With passion then love becomes a must

A soul mate shows traces of a lover
This combination is a very rare case
In case you happen to find it someday
Make sure you accept and keep it safe

I don't know what brought us together
Call it chance, luck, destiny or fate
This one thing I'm sure of
He is my lover and my soul mate

Inspired by this post by Raajii.

~ Soumya


  1. Awww.. How beautiful. Don't have enough words to express how much I liked it :)

  2. The painting and the words go hand in hand.... Superb stuff Soms.. :-)

  3. This is so beautiful :-). I am glad you liked my post :-). Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your post was the best, it triggered this outa me, so imagine :D

  4. This must have been really beautiful. Sorry, I miss the 'poetry gene' in my genome. I suck at writing them and suck even more at appreciating them. :-|

    1. No poetry gene? Get out of my space I say :P

      Kidding. I'm just glad you took the effort to read it :)

  5. Such a lovely poem! Beautiful description. All I am left with is- WOW! :)

  6. lover and soul-mate are not different,these words came into existence after culture and minds became very superficial.when i was in love, i never had words to express love but whenever i met my gf,i never used to feel my body,its all about "you are made of more soul than body".

    to be frank,true love can't be expressed in words or poetry,you can only feel.that feeling comes from soul.

  7. Way too good! Awesome piece!

  8. This was beautiful, Soumya. I was nodding all along :)

  9. -And you are a poet ! :P

    As I came blog hopping from one of my fav blogs(Raaji's), I was not expecting such descriptive emotions scattered so generously between the lines. Loved the comparisons esp the bud and the flower.
    Loved the 2nd painting to the core, esp the underlying sketches. Is it your painting ?

    1. No it is not my painting. Found it on google :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  10. Nice flow of words,it has a lyrical quality to it and covers an interesting point.

  11. A story in making it seems...lovely read.

  12. This is so true...
    And your writing is so smooth..
    Loved the words... Thoughts and the style!


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