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Happy Lust in August - Again!

Read last years 'Happy Lust in August' here.

Ah well well, so its August already? Before I gallop in joy about my birthday being three days away, I'd want to ask where did the previous seven months go? This year has flown by so quick. I still remember the December 31st night last year, that Cal and me spent together along with our loyal friend the 'Old Monk'. Its been a crazy adventure since then. Marriage, new work place, new family, new friends, new habits etc etc. I've spent all my time on trying to be a successful part of this adventure that I've not lifted my head up to notice that more than half of the year has gone by. Sheesh, talk about getting lost in living. Well, at least I'm living my own life and not poking my nose into anybody else's. Oh yeah, pun intended.

Of late I've only been writing for contests or on a prompt. Well, I too have been a victim of the writer's block and I resorted to blogging communities to get an inspiration or an idea. Very bad, I know. But like I said above that I've been leading a very busy life for any kinda idea to strike me. After my husband and my BFF pointed out that they miss the writing I write for myself, I decided to take action and do something about it. Honestly, I miss my rants too. But life had other plans. I was immersed in work and concentrating on my marriage. Be it a love marriage, or an arranged, believe me marriage is hard work. You need to work on it every second and the results are more than extraordinary. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Its a beautiful process and a wonderful journey and I'm glad I stepped into it quite early in my life. 

So well I'm back here with my kinda posts. For good. And in my trademark style, I'm starting off with an impromptu rant.

~ First the good news. I've been published for the fourth consecutive time in the online magazine 'Tamarind Rice'. I have won the 'WOW' post award from BlogAdda for the fourth time now. My poem 'Lover vs Soulmate' was picked by BlogAdda as a 'Spicy Saturday' pick. I also am the runner-up for the 'WeChat' contest held by Indiblogger and I won the Flipkart voucher. Feels good you ask? Naah.... It feels awesome. No matter how many time you are published or how many times you win, the intensity of the feeling never changes. I'm not the one to take success for granted.

~ Has any one noticed the changes on the blog yet? I've added pages and social media icons now. Can't believe it took me such a long time to figure it out. But I'm glad I did all of it myself.

~ Take a look at the 'LOL Accolades' page and check out my writing achievements.

~ Its funny when certain negative things I write, make it to "Breaking News", but my achievements and accolades are never spoken about. No, not even a whisper.

~ People who understand my passion for writing, appreciate each and every post of mine. And they also criticize me for my mediocre work. Its easy to get offended, but I know they love me and want me to do better. And luckily I have it in me, to appreciate criticism. Thank god, we get to choose our life partner and friends.

~ Day by day, my faith in Karma increases. Also my faith in Justin Timberlake. You see, what goes around, comes around. Okay fine, bad joke. Please don't leave.

~ Twitter is highly addictive. And having my crazy blogger friends there make it more interesting. Seriously, what would we do without friends?

~ The expensive silk sarees I bought for my wedding have been the worst investment ever. 

~ I've totally lost out on reading. The last book I read was Agatha Christie's 'The Unexpected Guest'. And it took me three days to finish the 150 page book. *hangs her head in shame*

~ I've learnt that as we grow up, we need to learn more and more. Also, we need to unlearn a few things to lead a better life. Like they say, discard the old and make way for new thoughts.

~ This sale season sucked to the core. Not one place had the things I wanted and if I liked something it was not on sale. Murphy still visits once in a while.

~ I'm back to my chocolate making. And the husband has taken an interest in too. Hopefully the business kicks of well. So, anybody in Bangalore seeking fresh home-made chocolates, please contact me.

~ I'm this close to starting a food blog, but somehow it makes me feel old. True story. So until then, my recipes remain a secret.

~ Eagerly awaiting my dear friend phatichar's debut book 'Frankly Spooking'. His stories that did not make it to the book have been scaring the living daylights out of me. So imagine the ones that made it. Phew! I already feel the goosebumps. Book a copy here.

~ Being a mallu, I had only two festivals a year to celebrate. Now that I'm married into a Tamilian Brahmin family, there are heaps of them to enjoy, starting tomorrow.

~ TLC is the best channel ever. Followed by Travel Trendz. I can spend days watching them.

~ People with a bad dressing sense need to be shot. People who think they look like God with a bad dressing sense, should be shot twice.

~ People who talk about your past, are the ones who know that you will have a brilliant future. Jealousy it is called.

~ Since marriage, my anger has flown out of the window. I'm as cool as a cucumber now. Obviously I'm exaggerating. 

~ Life's great. Period.

Now to scream about the birthday. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D. I'm gonna turn 27 in style with the husband whisking me off to Munnar for a holiday. Am I lucky or am I lucky? 

So the next time we meet I'd be a year older and hopefully more wiser. 

~ Soumya


  1. Oh my God... half of my upcoming post was pretty much what you had just written at the start - not writing beyond contests, the WEChat thingy - and the Tamarind Post and Saturday Spicy bits are in the present post !! :D

    Anyway, even I agree. Its time to reconnect with what makes our blogs our own - a personal touch.
    Have fun at Munnar and an early Happy Birthday too in advance! :)

    1. WOW! Quite a coincidence eh?

      I'm happy we both realized it and came back to our elements.

      Thank you Dr :)

  2. Hey...happy birthday!! Lovely you...and lovely life....take care!! <3

  3. Hey Firstly a very Happy birthday !!!!!!!!
    I came across your blog through Tamarind Rice :) :D
    And i read quite a few (maybe i should say many) post from archives ....You have got a really interesting blog :)
    and of course i read the Honest Phase series and when i was wondering what happened next i found you got a happy ending :)
    Ok i am blabbering now!!!!!
    just saying "happie bday" and "Hiiiii" :) :D cya till next time

    1. Ah so you came here via TR. I can't thank them enough then :)

      Thank you so much darling! Visit soon again.

  4. Okay, that was quite a sprint :D

    Okay, so it is Congratulations, Congratulations, Okay, Umm, yes and hehehe, not in any specific order to all of your points :P

    Have a fabulous birthday!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Hahaha, Thanks BA. As always your comments make my day :)

  5. Happy Birthday..>!!! And congratulations on the accolades..!!! Yaay !!

  6. Hmm... so many good news here!! First of-all Congrats for getting published in TR. and for we-chat contest. Happy Holidays! and yeah... Happy wala Birthday to you! :)

  7. Good that you have nothing to rant about these days...because that means Life is happy...ain't it? ;-)

    Coincidence or what? Hubby took me to Munnar for my 1st birthday after marriage too...although it's a different thing that we travelled all the way from Delhi to the southernmost tip of India :-P
    Have a wonderful birthday and holiday dear!

    1. It sure is :)

      Wow, Delhi to Munnar? That must have been amazing.

      I had a wonderful trip and birthday. Thank you so much for your wishes :)

  8. First of all, Happy Birthday! I am an august girl too but not much excited this time, somehow. Liked this ranting session of yours and girl, look at your awards. Congrats and keep going! :)

    1. You always should be excited. Its that one day of the year that you should be thankful for :)

      Thanks you so much.


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