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Birthdays - Love Days

Tomorrow is October. Where did the past 9 months go? Phew, this year sure did swoosh by quick. Real quick. August and September have been wonderful. The Leo and Virgo months represent mine and Cal's birthdays respectively. Needless to say these are the months that I look forward to every year. Our birthdays this year turned out to be mind blowing. Mostly because it was our first birthdays, after marriage. Here is how we went about it, this year. August 8th - Mine : Cal had already planned that we needed to be away from the city for my birthday. Since we have had an overdose of beaches, we decided on hills. So tickets to Munnar were booked and our bags were packed. The previous night we boarded our bus and at the stroke of midnight he wished me with a kiss. After I finished accepting a few calls, we both spent the whole night talking until finally we drifted off to sleep just before sun-rise. He woke me up early, with a brilliant smile and a beautiful view. Green mountains

A Way of Life

Today, I was organizing the music in my system by putting them in particular folders and creating a play list to listen to everyday. And then started, the trip down memory lane. Each and every song brings back a hidden memory. Some songs take me back to those age old happy days and some remind me of a turbulent phase. Some songs remind me of the people whom I have sent out of my life and some songs remind me of the wonderful people I have in my life today. Some songs trigger a lost memory of an old lover and some remind me of the good old days spent with my husband. Music along with reading is one of the best hiding places. Music takes you back to a place which no one else is aware of. Music holds the secret of all emotions and is the best escape ever. Safe and wonderful, music for me is a way of life. Nothing changes when it comes to music. Not the lyrics, not the emotion. Its just a momentary phase, which probably ends right after the song, but for those four to five odd mi

A Real Dabba

After a really long time, a movie is compelling me to write a post, solely about it. I know that I am the millionth person writing about it, but I just could not stop myself. But before I continue, let me tell you that I did not love the movie. I liked it, a lot. I sure was impressed by it, but somehow felt that it was incomplete. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate mail or comments about this, but this is my honest opinion about the movie. The movie was wonderful in its own way, with aptly cast actors and an exceptional screenplay. The underplayed humor, the screaming silence, the emotions welling in the eyes are beautifully executed. Ritesh Batra - An almost unknown director comes out with a near masterpiece that would certainly tug a cord in the coldest of hearts. Is it good enough to be sent to the Oscars? Yes. Considering the other choices made until now (read ' Paheli ' and ' Eklavya '), ' The Lunch Box ' has already won the Oscar in my head. T


A hiding place Crimes plotted Dark and wild Dark and wild The lion brings Dinner home Dinner home Ill mannered child Sent to the den This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights #298 ~ September Heights Day 25 . Prompt: Den . ~ Soumya

The Moth and the Lamp

( Pic:  The Moth and the Lamp, Cesar Santos ) Strewn apart, I look for you With tattered wings I fly slow I'm a moth, shy and ignored In you shade I shall grow Our names are tied together There is no you without me The light in you might dim and fade But with you I shall always be If your beam is taken away In green I shall be forever dyed Tie me to yourself I shall just hang by your side You can never be far from me Together we form the perfect frame If you are going to burn bright My noose shall be your flame Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 187 . ~ Soumya

The End

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’ I did not mean it, it was only to vent I just wrote it to let go and feel light Delivery report then said 'Successfully Sent' I called her back immediately She did not answer the phone Before I could redial her number I heard my phone's message tone " Its all over ", the calligraphic text read I could not believe my eyes " I hate you " was written all over Not once or twice, but thrice I apologised for my folly Yet she did not bother to reply I sat there clutching my phone Screaming inside wanting to cry I loved her more than anything else Her recent cold behaviour I couldn't take The frustration that I had penned down Was sent to her by sheer mistake All the anger was just on the spur I still loved and wanted her If I lost her, I wouldn't forgive myself My vision slowly turned into a blur Another beep, I wiped away my tears This juvenile epi


To have it all Too good to be true A mere fascination Life gets spent Vying for perfection The absolute myth This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights #293 ~ September Heights Day 20 . Prompt: Myth . and For Theme Thursday for September 19, 2013 . Prompt: Fascination . ~ Soumya

Hypocrisy in Reality

So a girl of Indian origin wins the Miss America title and the whole world goes berserk. I'm surprised it make it to the front page of yesterday's news papers. India is rejoicing alright, but would she have won if she was based in India. I mean, when was the last time you saw a dusky girl lift the Miss India crown? The others are calling her a terrorist, an Arab and what not. The best part was that Times Of India had the audacity to print the hate tweets in the first page. Do you think the same would have happened in America? And who were the judges? Hardly an Indian in the panel I'm sure. I have already written about India's obsession with fair skin here . Four years ago. Till date, I don't see any change regarding this. She wins in a different country and India rejoices. In India, she would be dismissed like another aspiring girl in the ferocious world of fame. If this is not hypocrisy then what is? I wouldn't be surprised if she is signed up for the nex


Corrupt leaders Unknown tomorrow Politics Life or death White room Fingers crossed Slave to society Begging for bread Dread This Haiku is written for  Haiku Heights #290 ~ September Heights Day 17 . Prompt:  Dread . ~ Soumya

Nonet: Love

Way too many descriptions till date None seeming to make any sense Could not understand its depth The true meaning of it I looked everywhere But could not find Then I saw In you Love P.S: This is my first attempt at a Nonet . And its for my husband. It was Cal's birthday yesterday. We had a brilliant day and this is just a small tribute to him. ~ Soumya


An ill omen Small and tender A black cat Innocent metal Horse shoe  Superstition This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights #286 ~ September Heights Day 13 . Prompt: Superstition . ~ Soumya

The Bitch Herself

No matter what you do Life always comes a full circle You cannot try to escape it This is life's vicious cycle Every single thing you do Surely comes back to you Good, bad, contrived or ugly Age old or something fresh and new When you dig a grave for someone Just make sure you dig two They might have a chance to escape it But fall into it, sure will you Karma is waiting for you As you sow, so shall you reap Your selfishness will take you down Dragging you to the gravest deep Luck is a word devoid of sense Good karma might be the cause Its easy to brush it of as a one timer But within you, you know its your loss Rich or poor, king or peasant You need to pay for what you do Good deeds come back ten fold Sadism quickly multiplies too Your thought sows the seed Your actions regularly water it It can either grow into a beautiful plant Or just remain as a stagnant pit Goodness paves a stairway to heaven Sin

The Home Maker

Alone she stands Stirring and washing Kitchen - Her abode Kitchen- Her abode A dish her trophy A mother - The home maker This Haiku is written for  Haiku Heights #283 ~ September Heights Day 10 . Prompt:  Kitchen . ~ Soumya

The Great Indian Adventure

Nate and Nadia walked slowly admiring the beauty of the airport. Delhi International Airport, looked no less than a high end mall. Both of them were American citizens and this was their first trip to India. And Delhi, was their first destination. As they waited for their luggage to arrive, they could see hordes of people through the glass outside. Nate laughed. " I guess half of India's population is present here ." " Oh come on, honey. It is a beautiful country and I can't wait to explore it. Taj Mahal, here I come ." Nadia said with a smile. " But lets beware, remember all the warnings we received back in the States? " Nate warned. " Hmm.. I'm sure its not that bad. Not all Indian's are thieves ." Nadia said as she watched her bag arrive. Nate looked at her and frowned. Nadia giggled. "Don't worry Nate. You won't be mauled by a tiger either ." Nate gathered both their bags and placed them in t


I held you in my arms As you slowly slipped away Life came to a standstill In the month of May I understood the disease I knew you had to leave But when it actually happened I just couldn't believe You had prepared me for this Asking me to stay strong All that seems to have rolled back With life, I can't seem to get along I sat staring at your face But they carried you and left I wanted to scream out loud But my lips were entangled in a cleft I count the seconds and the days Its been five months since you've gone I have been killing myself slowly Even though I promised that I'd move on I have no emotions anymore All I am is a lump of iron Trying to get past each day Constantly for you I yearn Life doesn't owe me anything I have lost the race and cancer won Accepting it has been tough From two, how I have become one No one ever can replace you I am not even going to try Its only you,


Seema saw him coming in. A smile developed on her face, she knew he would be here today. He stopped to speak to someone at the door. Seema stared at him. He had lost a little weight, and his hair was cropped. Dressed in a complete black suit, he looked gorgeous. He caught her stare and she felt embarrassed. He was just about to walk towards her, when someone held his arm. Seema felt a deep pain down her gut. The lady by Dev's side looked stunning in a little black dress and complemented him perfectly. She held his hand in pride and looked around. Seema looked away. So, Dev really had got married. To someone else. Seema and Dev had been in love for four years, but when the time had come for Dev to commit, his parents had stood in the way. They did not want a girl from a different caste in their family and Dev had to give in to the emotional blackmail of his aging parents. Dev could not commit and hence Seema had left him a year ago. Dev had vowed to stay single instead of marr


I feel blue Looking up at the sky so clear Everything in life sorted out Absolutely nothing to fear I feel red As the wine seeps through my vein I sip on to my happy drink Splashing in the intoxicating rain I feel yellow Life has never ever looked this bright It did teach me one lesson though In the end, everything becomes alright I feel white When I feel the peace in my mind As it splits into its colors In it, happiness I find I feel black For all the people I shut out You did not deserve to be a part of me You only filled me with confusion and doubt I feel pink Every morning as I wake up with a kiss It makes life worth living In small things I find my bliss I feel orange As the butterflies flutter by Today I'm as free as them I'm growing wings to fly I feel green Not with envy, but with pride Anything that comes my way now I shall take it in my stride I feel purple It reminds me of the