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I held you in my arms
As you slowly slipped away
Life came to a standstill
In the month of May

I understood the disease
I knew you had to leave
But when it actually happened
I just couldn't believe

You had prepared me for this
Asking me to stay strong
All that seems to have rolled back
With life, I can't seem to get along

I sat staring at your face
But they carried you and left
I wanted to scream out loud
But my lips were entangled in a cleft

I count the seconds and the days
Its been five months since you've gone
I have been killing myself slowly
Even though I promised that I'd move on

I have no emotions anymore
All I am is a lump of iron
Trying to get past each day
Constantly for you I yearn

Life doesn't owe me anything
I have lost the race and cancer won
Accepting it has been tough
From two, how I have become one

No one ever can replace you
I am not even going to try
Its only you, who was sent for me
So don't bother asking me why

I have stood where you left me
Without moving, covered in dust
In your memories I shall survive
Even if I later spill into rust

Written for Poetry Jam.

~ Soumya


  1. I wish I had not read this. It is strikingly similar to what I and my family went through this year, in the month of May.

    Poignant indeed!

    1. Oh. Sorry if I triggered some hidden pain :(

      God bless you.

  2. Oh, this is so sad, heartfelt. Bless you.

  3. Sad! It must be so sad to loose someone and to see them dying.

  4. Hey havent you participated in Blog-a-ton. I was looking for your post but couldnt find it.

  5. I can feel the sadness and the loss. Lovely words but very sad. Be blessed.

  6. So sad, so full of heartache and loss. Definitely felt.

  7. I could feel the emotions through your words. Beautiful!

  8. no one can replace you, i am not even going to try...those words held heavy for me in the depth of the feeling...nicely done...and nice to meet you at poetry jam

  9. I believe your poem will touch each reader in a profoundly personal way ~~ it did me. Thank you for being brave enough to write it.

  10. That last stanza was especially poignant. So sorry for the loss, its been a rough year.

  11. Oh, this is so VERY sad. I know exactly how you feel. I am so glad you an helps. I know. Been there!

  12. Hey great write up. This should be turned into a song! Girl - what are you doing writing all this in a blog?? Do something more!!!

  13. Well.. u brought back floods of memories I wish I cud forget.
    beautiful poem soumya!
    It touches all the chords...with every single word!
    and I'm going to keep these lines with me forever.....
    "I have stood where you left me
    Without moving, covered in dust
    In your memories I shall survive
    Even if I later spill into rust"

    Blessed be...cheers!


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