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Screech! Sunil brought his car to a halt. Beads of perspiration dripped down his face. He closed his eyes and breathed in. Then, slowly he stepped out. He walked up to the shop in the corner. The shop keeper looked at him suspiciously.

"Water bottle. One." Sunil said pointing to the fridge.

The shop keeper got it for him. Before he could mention the amount, Sunil grabbed the bottle from his hand and opened it.

Splash! He threw a few handfuls of water on his face. And emptied the rest of its contents down his throat. He threw the bottle in the dustbin beside the shop and pulled out a clean white handkerchief from his pocket. Thud! He heard a noise. He looked down to see his bunch of keys lying on the ground. Cursing himself, he picked it up and put it back in his pocket. He wiped his face clean and looked at the shop keeper with a raised eye brow.

"Twenty rupees." The shop keeper said.

Sunil handed him a five hundred rupee note. The shopkeeper frowned.

"No change. Give me change." He yelled.

Sunil checked his wallet and felt some coins in it. He emptied them on the metal table. Clink, click. The coins poured out. The shop keeper looked on open mouthed. When the final coin fell out, Sunil pocketed his wallet and walked away. The shop keeper did not stop him, for he knew that the money on the table was more than twenty rupees.

Sunil rested against his car and took out his phone. Beep! It sprang to life. He dialled in a few digits and made a call.

Tring, tring! The phone rang in Ritu's house. Her husband Vinay, was busy watching the TV to pick it up. She put down her magazine and walked up to the corner table and answered the call.

"Hello?" She said warmly.

"Its me." Sunil's voice was hoarse.

Plonk! Ritu dropped the receiver on the glass table out of shock. Immediately, she picked it up.

"How many times have I told you to not call me on the land line." She said angrily albeit softly.

"You did not pick your cell." Sunil said coldly.

"Oh, its in the other room I guess." Ritu whispered.

"Its time Ritu, he has to die now. I can't stay away from you any more." Sunil sounded desperate.

"No Sunil. For God's sake, he is my husband. You can't kill him." Ritu clutched the phone hard.

"I don't care. I'm coming over. Now." Sunil said and hung up.

Cough! Ritu heard a sound behind her. She replaced the phone and slowly turned. Vinay stood there, watching her with a confused expression. Bow, bow. Their pet Labrador barked in the balcony. Ritu smiled and looked at her husband.

"It was mom, I asked her to call me later." She lied.

"Okay. All okay with her?" Vinay asked.

Wheee.... The cooker whistled in the kitchen.

Ritu nodded. "Let me switch of the gas." She said in a hurry and rushed to the kitchen.

Sunil stood below her building. The shop keeper's gaze was irritating him, yet he did not say a word. He took out a cigarette. Click! The lighter went. He sent out a puff of smoke. He and Ritu were lovers. But he was a small time goon, so her parents had refused to get her married to him. They had got her married to a doctor instead, two years ago, when he was in jail. A week ago, he had got out. He wanted her back now. At any cost.

Honk! The noise distracted him. He looked up to see a black car behind his, waiting to cross the road. With the cigarette embracing his lips, he got into his car and parked it on the side. The black car passed by with a whoosh. The driver did not even bother to thank him. Sunil got out of the car and butted his smoke on the ground. Tick tock, the alarm on his watch went off. Seven pm. The perfect time. Locking his car, he walked up to the building in front of him.

Ting! The lift came down. Sunil got into it and checked under his jacket. The object poked him, but that was hardly any concern of his at this time. He made it to the fourth floor in no time and got out. He walked straight to door number 406 and rang the bell.

Ding dong! Vinay was irritated. He looked behind at Ritu. She seemed busy in the kitchen. Slowly he rose from his comfortable couch and walked towards the door. Ritu peeped from the kitchen door. Vinay opened the door and stood shocked.

Sunil stood there with a gun pointed at Vinay's head. He was about to scream when Sunil covered his mouth and dragged him inside. Vinay fought with all his strength. Crash! The ceramic vase fell down as he kicked the air to free himself. Ritu came running from the kitchen.

"No Sunil, no. Please no." She pleaded.

"Now is the time Ritu. I want you. I want you." Sunil said angrily.

Vinay looked at both of them with surprise. Sunil freed him and he lay on the floor with shock.

"He has to die now Ritu." Sunil said as he pointed the gun at Vinay.

Vinay looked at Ritu sadly.

"No, you cannot kill him." Ritu said coldly. Then her face lit up. She walked towards Sunil and took the gun from his hand.

"I shall do it." She smiled and pointed the gun at Vinay's head.


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~ Soumya


  1. OMG YAAAAAAAR I was hoping Vinay to be saved. Nooooo! Vinay didn't do anything bad. Poor soul. Love this story. Short and pretty awesome.

    1. She just pointed at Vinay. Who knows, whom she shot ;)

      Thanks love <3

  2. OMG.A noisy(!) story well written but with totally unexpected end.I hate Ritu falling for the goon and killing her own innocent hubby

  3. Oh. She is cruel. :O
    Why you do this? You could have killed Sunil. Wow. I am sad. :P

    It was nice story with sound effects. :P

  4. So wht happens next..? :)
    nice story with good sound effects.. ;)

  5. I thought Vinay will overpower him and kill him. :P LOL
    But Vinay got dishkyaooned.

  6. I loved the sound effects throughout. But I felt the story could have taken the other path with Vinay alive.

    Beautifully written :)

    1. Thank you my dear :)

      The story could be interpreted both ways. She just pointed at Vinay. She could have shot any one of them :)

  7. woaaa what an ending... loved the fast paced narration

  8. Leaving the story dangling on the precipice of uncertainty, interesting take. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Supa likes for the title Dishkyaoon... haha. The sound effects was too good! It made the story more interesting. Now... tell me whoz dead, il keep it as secret ;) Dishkyaoon!!

    1. Secret is a secret :)

      And super thanks for the super likes!

  10. totally fast an action movie!! loved reading it!

  11. The title is amazing!
    What awesome use of the prompt! Loved it. :D

    I'll happily assume she killed Sunil. :D

  12. Soumya, What a Thriller! Great description!
    From the telephone conversation, I thought Ritu loves Vinay now...
    Like in the Hindi films- 'Woh Saat Din' & HDDCS, she'll want to be with her hubby and not her lover! Alas!

    1. What makes you think she did not? :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  13. Ha, the ambiguous twist at the end ! Loved it :)


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