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Every Mirror has a Story

Her bright smile hides everything
The red dances on her lips
Her brushed hair stands shining 
Falling with melody down her hips

The delicate earrings shy away
As her eye elongates its sight
The mirror recognises her face
And the strange others at night

A day of her hard work
Means looking ready and nice
The men who ogle at her must think
That she is worth their price

Every scar must be hidden
Flowing tears should leave no trace
Presented to hungry wolves likes a toy
Shedding her clothes and her grace

Her red lips get hurt and bitten
Her tiny waist pinched and burnt
To bear it all was the only lesson
In this place that she had learnt

Her day starts with the setting sun
Being held up proudly on sale
Her master has the art of selling
To the prying eyes of the male

They walk in and out of her room
Without allowing her a second of rest
Taking away her soul and dignity
Praising her for being the best

The other girls envy her
Lucky she is, they seem to say
Yet they know the bitter truth
They all have the same price to pay

Young and tender she was brought here
In the pretext of a high paying job
She did make a lot of money
Which the master would neatly rob

Slowly she walks up to the mirror
Her lonely friend in this hell
She tries to hide her plight
But it has her story to tell

Her hair is a tattered mess
Her lips are bleeding red
The hips can barely move
Yet she has to walk back to the bed

She re-does her hair and lips
The mirror smiles at her pretty face
It recognizes the truth inside
Battered soul reeking of disgrace

This poem has been written for Poetry Jam and Theme Thursday.

~ Soumya


  1. :( The story is so sad. Unfortunately, it is the bitter truth.
    I must say, you always find very apt and beautiful pictures to go with your posts :)

    1. The bitter truth indeed. Thank you! I spend more time searching images than writing the post itself :D

  2. Every line ... Riveting! I also enjoyed the images accompanying your poem!

  3. Putting oneself in 'her' place would let us know how worse it really is than it sounds

  4. Very sad story...Hope she is healing her soul now...~ Peace

  5. This is quite beautiful and written with real passion. Brilliantly done, i love the emotion in this.

  6. Sad truth of life.. Can't even imagine the suffering of some on the other side of the world :(

  7. Very powerfully written--and so sad and even sadder it is a common tale I think. The first stanza grabbed me with its images.

  8. Such a sad, sad story and unfortunately all too true for far too many of any gender. I like how you take us behind the soft warm inviting facade to cold bitter truth of her reality.

    1. Very sad state to be in for the female. Thank you.

  9. It is so sad that this story is over and over true - too many girls sold.

  10. Great Imagery in this poem, and this ripped right through my heart.

  11. It makes me think of the problem of human trafficking. We are taught to revile prostitutes, yet they should be pitied. They are victims.

  12. Such a sad story you have conveyed well.

  13. As beautiful as this portrayal is, the reality is just as ugly, or perhaps more.
    Wonderful tribute!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. This reality will shake your core. I probably shouldn't have done the research before writing this.

      Thanks BA :)

  14. It's a sad poem. She has to pay a price and the mirror is the only one to reflected it without any masks.

  15. def sad...the robbing of her soul and dignity...a very real place...
    there are plenty of men and women who get off on nothing more than
    sucking the soul of others...

  16. The pictures add so much weight to your already beautiful words.

    1. Hey thank you! It was nice running into you yesterday :)

  17. Soul stirring lines. It indeed makes one stop and think!

    1. I think everyone should stop and think for a while.

  18. Such an Unpleasant and sad... but that's the truth in reality. Pictures says it all...

  19. You really write wonderful poems.


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