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Just in Time

With a very heavy heart
I forgave him the first time
I ignored it like a mistake
When it actually was a crime

He accepted that he cheated
Said that he had stooped low
Hiding my self respect in my heart
For love, I just let it go

Everything seemed fine after that
Like a queen he treated me
I was back to worshipping him
Then he stung me like a bee

He had strayed again
Without an ounce of guilt
I left him one Friday night
My trust for him was spilt

He cajoled me into returning
Said he would never do it again
I was lonely and vulnerable
He took advantage of my pain

He held my hand and swore to me
I only love you, he repeatedly said
I did not want to believe him
But for him, my heart bled

I was a head strong woman
But life without him was an empty pit
Forgiving him again felt like a sin
Cheating was becoming his habit

I thought for hours and days
If I should end it or go back
If he had to go to other women
Maybe something I myself lack

Deciding to work on myself
I called him to give us another try
I was willing to change for him
On my side if he stands by

When he answered the call
Chances of our union seemed dim
It was too much for me to take
When I heard someone unzip behind him

~ Soumya


  1. Very well written , Soumya!:)
    Reads like a well penned down story & at the same time gives you the essence of poetry...Loved it!:)

  2. Ah! Thats a sad one...
    But many a times, women tend to do that...
    Forgive others and endure pain..
    Never really caring about their own feelings...

  3. Loved this one. You are one awesome poetess :) :)

    Fiction is it??

    1. Thank you my dear :)

      Fiction of course. I'd kill a guy who cheats on me.

    2. Hi-5 on that killing part ;)

  4. You are in serious trouble.. I was reading the honest post series and the last post(phase 5) just ended with a "to be continued". Where is the next post ?? I loved those posts..:) :) It rings of honestly and it is beautifully written.. So if there is a post with a different title do tell me.. if not when are you writing it ? Soon I suppose ? No pressure ;) :) :)
    Nice poem .. :) :)

    1. Oh don't scare me now. I shall be back with the honest post - phase 6 soon I promise :). No title change, honest post it shall remain.

      Thank you :)

    2. I read my comment again and it does seem to scare.. I am just very very curious to know what happened next.. :) :)

    3. You would not have to wait long :)

  5. THE ENDING!!!! My goodness!
    This was fierce!!

  6. Yet an another piece of Unconditional Love.. with unhappy ending. Good writeup!!

  7. If he can cheat once, he can cheat again. There is no forgiveness for that!

  8. Wow. This is it! When is your book of poems getting released? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!!

  9. :O The ending!! Awesome this was!

  10. I love the way you weave a story into your poems. Makes it easy for a poetically-challenged person like me to understand the essence better. :-)

  11. Oh my god, this is incredibly written. There's such an ease in your poems that I so envy and love at the same time :)

  12. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  13. Wonderful Soumya . Beautifully penned

  14. women always forgive and repent later. Congrats on TTP.

  15. Lovely! Wondering if the sound of unzipping is heard on the phone :) Regardless, a very touching poem.

  16. Wow! How well you do poetry! Fabulous one Soumya.


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