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Random Rant #2

Read Random Rant #1 here.

The best part of life
Is that it goes on
It all falls into place
After dusk, always come dawn

~ Life's been pleasant and smooth. No longer I have to worry about the calm before the storm.

~ The team of Tamarind Rice is the best ever. They sent me heavenly gifts for my winning post. 

~ The book of poetry they sent me has blown my mind. This had me thinking, maybe I should publish my poems too. But do others love poetry as much as I do?

~ I finally narrowed down on a concept for my book. The plot, characters and emotions are ready. All I need to do, is to start penning.

~ I'm learning a lot at my work place. I might climb up another rung in the ladder soon.

~ You need to learn to love your work, no matter what. Else, you wouldn't be doing justice to it. Or yourself.

Love gives you strength
That's all you need to live
The equation is simple
You only get, what you give

~ Do good. Always. I've been witnessing a lot of victims of Karma of late. Boy, karma sure is a bitch.

~ Love endlessly. There is no saturation for this emotion.

~ Cal and I finish 21 months of being together today. And we've been married for 6 months. Wow, I'm not bored yet.

~ A day will come when you shall realize why it didn't work out with anyone else before. No matter how much you loved them. Probably, then you will understand the game of fate. And the difference between a lover and a soul mate.

~ Do not hate your exes. Appreciate them for what they taught you. Good and the bad.

~ Love happens more than once. Its up to you to realize which one you want to stick to.

Stand up for what you believe
People shall always cuss and talk
Others shall put up a facade
With head held high you can walk

~ The day you start living your life in order to prove a point to someone else, you surely are going down hill.

~ There is a cure for black magic, if it exists. Its called faith.

~ Pretense is a way of telling yourself that you hate yourself. 

~ Everyone makes mistakes. You may or may not learn from them. The least you can do is, accept it and move on.

~ Stand up for what you believe. Stand tall in your own eyes.

~ Love yourself. Rather accept yourself. Others may love you. But no one else can love and accept you, the way you do.

~ Soumya


  1. Now those were some great pointers. And so happy for u and Cal. And no young lady, thou shall never be bored!!

  2. This post really lifted my mood.. :) Was having a crappy monday (meetings, more deadlines ugghh!! )
    Now after reading this I am feeling better. All the best with the book. :) :) and really happy for you and Cal. :)

    1. Awww I'm happy I could help your mood :)

      Thank you so much :)

  3. I am completing five years with my hubby this December. And eight years altogether ;-) and I am not bored yet ! I am just thinking where was this stupid guy when I needed him the most - ie those years before these 8 years !!?? :D
    You will never get bored as long as you love him ... and when there is love however hard you try you cannot ignore or hate him either ! :D Even during the wildest of fights! And about your other points I wish I could send this to one person I know who hates herself and thinks of herself as a loser. But however hard I tried I could not lift her spirits, and my efforts have backfired as well.

    1. Wow 8 years :O, you are now officially my inspiration :)

      Ah, such people exist my life too. But we can't do anything. If they want to dwell in self-pity, let them.

    2. It has been 10 years for me!! And I feel it is getting better each year. Infact, sometimes I wonder how did I get married to someone who was not as interesting as he is now :D ;)
      Anyway, I need some inspiration to write a book. I don't have anything as of now except the desire to write one. Lets try to encourage each other!!

    3. Soumya: Life is full of fair weather friends and a woman older than myself and married ten years should know that by now. If a teenager dwells in self pity, it is mostly that age and hormones and we can console and lift her. But a thirty something woman dwells in self pity and expect others to console her and say that she is always right, then it is a problem. I have stopped consoling or feeling anything for that behavior.

      And about the 8 years part - Trust me, it gets better each year, and it is a joy ride.

    4. @Nisha, 10 years?? WOW! Just pick up a notepad and write your thoughts. Lets see where it takes us :)

      @Anita, Oh that's really sad. And annoying too. Desperate seek for attention maybe. Its good that you are staying away.

      I'm sure it will be a joy ride :)

  4. Happy for Cal and you. Good luck for the book. :)

    Someone is Special

  5. They are more like revelations than rants to me. Aaand congratulations on yet another publication in Tamarind Rice! :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Revelations along with rants I guess :P

      Thanks BA.

  6. You should post your poetry! I love poetry! :)

  7. Cool thoughts! :)

  8. Yes this is awesome part of life.


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