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Action Replay - March

March has been a crazy month. In every possible way. A hectic project, endless rehearsals for a dance show, anniversary preparations, travel and the start of a new project. But it has been a very fulfilling month for sure. To start of with, I was named the ' Employee of the release ' for my last release. Months of hard work and late nights finally paid off. People who know me well, know how much my work means to me and something like this is an extreme boost. I love my job as it gives me my bread and butter and also gives me ample time to pursue my writing. Plus I enjoy what ever I do. So the next time you want to crib about your work, expect to hear a mouthful from me. If you do not like you work, please get out of it and do whatever makes you happy. Its not too hard, all you need is some balls. We had a client visit in office this month. So a bunch of us were chosen for cultural events and since I was a part of the group that came first place in a recently held comp

Desperate Housewife

" What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have nothing else to do? How will I go out now ?" My husband yells as I quietly chopped carrots and potatoes. I planned on making vegetable pulao for dinner, as he had just returned from Delhi this evening. He was a struggling businessman trying to make a name for himself some where. He travelled almost every day trying to find investors for his online pharmacy idea. Nothing had materialized so far though. I tried to be a supportive wife but at times it got on to my nerves. I mean, he had a high paying job at a big MNC and he quit it to start off his dream project. We are surviving on his savings and it has been more than a year since we had money pouring in. I wanted to take up a course and try to contribute to the income, but he was strictly against it. I had to give in. " Meena, are you listening to me ?" He yells again. " Relax Ramesh. I just went out for a drive. I did not intend to exhaust the fuel .&quo

Ready To Move On

( My Bed by Tracey Emin ) Since two years, I have lived here Hoping someday you would come back I have nothing left with me any more Apart from your memory stack Why did you leave me and go What was that he could offer more Wasn't my love enough for you Or did I somewhere turn into a bore You said you hadn't met anyone like me Yet you left me without a blink How am I supposed to forget you For months now, I haven't slept a wink I haven't gotten out since you left In this caged room I slowly suffer When you could dump me like trash What solace can anyone else offer Day after day I look at your pictures Thinking of our days on this very bed I haven't discarded your things here Even though for you, my heart bled I drink to erase you from my mind The bottle is empty but you still remain No matter how hard I try to let go I'm bound to you with an invisible chain Now I have made peace with myself I&

Turning One

Today, the wife in me turns one. Oh yeah, it has been a year since the above magical moment. Although it did not feel like a marriage since we have been together for almost three years now. No surprises, no shocks. Only love and more love. Like I have said a million times before, falling in love is not important, staying in love is . As you are reading this post, we are busy exploring the by lanes of Delhi and soaking in the beauty of the Taj Mahal. Cal's second visit and my first. Its so funny that every trip that I planned before I met Cal, never materialised. All my dream vacations are with him. Wow destiny, you rock! We were related, yet we never met during our growing up days. We did meet other occasionally during some family functions, but only exchanged a smile or a couple of words. And today, we are standing here as husband and wife. Wow, the magic of love and the miracles of destiny. Like they say, if it is meant to be; it is meant to be. Below are a few quot

His Eyes

" I love you ", he said before leaving. I stood motionless, quietly watching the pain in his eyes. I don't know why he came here everyday. Who was he? They said I was suffering from amnesia, but how could I not remember the fact that I loved him. Even his eyes don't seem to help me. ~ Soumya

The Honest Post - Phase 8

The story so far. When Cal dropped me to the airport this time, my parents got a whiff of our relationship. He came home and helped me pack. He even boarded the cab, with me, right in front of my folks. I don't know what was running in their mind, but they did not say anything at that time. I was going away for a month and it was troubling me to no end. As it turns out, this was one of the worst journeys of my life. Soon, you'll find out why. A colleague wanted me to carry some luggage, for his friend in Accra. I agreed without flinching because this person is highly respected and I enjoyed working with him. As Cal and I met him at the airport, the luggage turned out to be a big bag, larger than both my bags together. He even agreed to pay for the extra baggage. I obliged. Cal and I spent some good time together and soon it was time for me to board the flight. After a lot of hugs and kisses, I went in with with a lump in my throat. And then, the troubles began. The


" Hello,   I'm Lucky, from Bangalore and I'm really excited to be a part of this trek " I said proudly, looking at the monstrous peak in front of me. " Hahaha Lucky, what a silly name ", they all laughed in unison. Thirteen of us walked up with our torches and support sticks, in the middle of the night, led by a guide. Suddenly, there was a rumble and we saw a huge bunch of rocks falling down from the peak, approaching us. In about three minutes, all of us were dead, except me . This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Lucky ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya

Closer To Love

We had an arranged marriage. I did not understand love then, it was considered a taboo. Rishi was from the same city and my parents got his alliance from the best broker in town. I was twenty one and had just completed my studies. Bachelor of Arts. It was a big thing for my parents and me as I held my journalism degree in my hand. My college was one of the those lesser known ones. That was what I preferred. I suffered from a case of inferiority complex and the lesser people around me, the better. Introvert would be too small a word to describe me. All my life, I've had my parents around me. My mother dropped me to college and picked me up. More so because the college was just about ten minutes from home. I've never had more than two friends and I liked it that way. I did not miss anything in life. I was more happy than everyone around me. I lived in my own small cocoon and dreamt within it. Ignorance is bliss they say. Well, I loved it that way. That was until I got m

I Am Still Here

(Pic:  Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler ) I clearly remember that fateful day The agony is still fresh in my mind A group of intruders barged in I was the only one they could find They pushed me on to this very chair As though I was an element of fun I yelled but they only laughed Then they pounced on me one by one They were five, my mind count count My eyes remained glued to the light They gagged me to silence my screams The TV here solely witnessed my plight My body was torn and soul broken I grabbed the table sheet to ease the pain I kicked hard and tried to push them away My feeble body finally gave up in vain Two of them held me to the chair The others then gathered everything around They broke the cabinets and ripped it apart They checked and took everything they found They set fire to my clothes I tried to wrap myself with the sheet They pulled my hair and threw me down They hit and kicked me with

The Lankan Dream

The first time I visited Sri Lanka, was on work and I was there for a very short duration. Yet, the beauty of that small country baffled me. I was put up at Colombo in a room facing the pristine clear ocean. I could see the clear sky and the blue water. The roads were well built and there was no speck of dirt at all. Yeah, coming from Bangalore, I was surprised to see such neat roads. The weather was calm and peaceful and it felt like a vacation even though I was there for business discussions. The best part about Sri Lanka is the currency. One Indian Rupee is approximately equal to 2.13 Sri Lankan Rupees. Yeah, more than double. The next best thing, is the food. Since India and Sri Lanka are neighboring countries, there is no much difference in the food. The spice and salt is accurate hence making everything almost edible. When you have lived in Africa for two months, you know how much edible food means to you. Plenty of Indian food is available in Sri Lanka, why, my five star h


I was furious, my body was no longer in my control as my mind and soul seethed in anger. I was on the verge of killing, as I struggled to come to terms with myself and the truth in front of me. Of course I had a hint of suspicion, whenever he came home late and smelt of a woman's fragrance. Today, I saw him with his assistant, his hands all over her skimpily clad body. I stand quiet, clutching the knife tight, awaiting him, still unsure of whose body it will be plunged into. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Furious ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya

Hail, Womaniya!

~ Soumya