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Chapter 10: Being Cyrus

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here.

Cyrus Daruwala was always a bright student. He was the only son of his parents and was the cynosure of his big fat Parsi family. He grew up with all the luxuries in the world, but when he decided to become a lawyer instead of joining his family's furniture business, his father turned his back on him. That did not deter Cyrus from pursuing his passion. He loved to read and John Grisham was his favorite for all the court room dramas he writes. From a young age, Cyrus was always good at debates. Nobody could win once he spoke. He loved helping people and dissecting situations. Once he got the scholarship to attend the National Law College, there was no looking back. His father made no attempts to reconcile with him, but his mother still doted on him. She even came in to pack his luggage when he was to leave for college.

College was a fascinating experience for Cyrus. He studied hard and had his share of fun too. Being a Parsi, he was drop dead gorgeous and always had women swooning over him. Yet his focus remained on his law degree. Case studies were his favorite and he always played the detective in trying to solve them. He was alert and highly intelligent with complete knowledge of the country's laws. He spent extra time to learn about the laws of other countries too. The day he was to give his final exam, his father decided to pay him a visit. He was busy studying when he heard a knock on the door of his cheap apartment. Wearing an old ganjee and boxers, with disheveled hair he opened the door and was shocked.

"Hello, son." His father's tone was cold.

"What happened? Is mom okay?" Cyrus blurted out.

"Yes, yes. She is fine. I just came to visit you." He says as he walks inside.


"Come back Cyrus. Why are you struggling in this hell hole." He looked around the house in disgust.

"I know what I want to do. I'm am not going to change my mind."

"Are you sure about that? I shall put you on the board if you do change your mind." He tried to entice him.

"No, thank you!" Cyrus said as his father walked away.

That was the last time Cyrus saw his father. Cyrus was not bothered about it. His passion was something he was proud of and if his father could not see that, then he could not do anything about it. If not anything, he was now more determined to complete his degree. He passed his exams with flying colors and wanted to pursue a masters in law too. It was during his masters that he got back in touch with Mohit, his childhood friend. Mohit was in the same university pursuing his MBA. Mohit and Cyrus were friends in school and since then had moved on with their respective lives and lost touch. Mohit was also the son of Cyrus's dad's best friend. But he had chosen to complete his masters and join the Daruwala furniture business instead. The irony was that Mohit's father was a lawyer and he was the one who inspired Cyrus to take up law. Cyrus and Mohit often laughed about the fact that they were born to the wrong parents.

During the first year of the masters, Cyrus discovered blogging. While his friends were busy on Facebook, Cyrus spent every minute of his free time writing. He discussed law, crimes, rules and his experiences with case studies. In a short while, Cyrus had made a name for himself in the virtual world. Soon, people were asking him to write articles for magazines and others were inviting him to attend discussions and debate on various social topics. Cyrus loved every minute of it. He was more than thrilled to be busy forever and was loving the vast experience he was gathering.

While he was doing some research for a cyber crime case study, he heard about the 'Xombie' group. They were a group of anonymous hackers and were breaching the security of almost every site online. He did not give it much thought until the day he was invited to a party by Mohit. The party was in a farm house in Lonavala and was filled with youngsters and few of their parents. The farm house with in the middle of 135 acres of property and stood out like a palace. Mohit was already pouring out drinks the minute he got there. Cyrus was introduced to all of Mohit's friends and soon the party began. Music was loud and alcohol flowed in abundance. Mohit's father had just become a judge and hence the party. There were quite a lot of high profile guests too. Cyrus recognized a few people there. Meera, the news reader from Star news; Pallavi, the daily soap actress; Chenab Mukund, the struggling cricketer and Purohit Sarkar, the Home Minister.

As usual people had formed groups at the party. But what caught Cyrus's attention was the mention of the word 'Xombie' by a particular group. That group was headed by the Home Minister and a few suspicious looking men. They stopped talking the minute someone passed by them. Some of the men were pointing towards a girl with a camera and were making angry gestures. The girl on the other hand was totally oblivious to this and was busy talking to her group of friends. He noticed Purohit Sarkar's son in the group too, clinging on to some girl. Wow, youngsters these days do make powerful friends he thought to himself.

The Home Minister and his group were busy talking animatedly. Cyrus tried to get closer to them by sitting at the adjacent table, filled with a bunch of noisy aunties. He strained his ears and started jotting down things in his handy book. To the others, it looked like the writer in him was doing his job, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He couldn't hear a lot of it, but heard enough to understand that the group was up to no good. The noisy aunties kept cackling, drowning out their voices even more. Maybe it was a set up, he thought. When the group stopped their discussion, Cyrus decided to leave the table. He picked up his notebook and had just begun walking, when someone touched his shoulder from behind.

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