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Chapter 11: Enemy Lines

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here.

Sasha did not want to hurt Roohi at any cost. He remembered the day he had seen her for the first time. He had just shifted to the new locality and knew no one there. His neighbors were 'The Ahujas' and 'The Duttas', he noticed. This was a beautiful locality in the poshest area of Lonavala, surrounded by parks and water bodies. His apartment window overlooked the ocean and this place had cost him a fortune. But since his boss was paying for it, he did not mind it one bit. His transport, meals and everything else was taken care of too. All he had to do was to set up a team and start the execution of their plan. He could have easily started his operation from an old building in some nook of the city, but that would have aroused suspicion. When the target and plan was ready, his boss had instructed him to be extra careful. He had an indispensable amount deposited to his account and all he had to do was to succeed in their mission. The computer network was already set up and was linked to an undisclosable IP address. He had all the resources, now all that he needed were three people who could help him complete the task.

It was during a hot afternoon that he heard a commotion in the foyer. A few kids were kicking and playing with a bright red ball, squealing and laughing. Sasha could not help but smile. A cute girl with the red frock and piggy tails caught his eye. Her laughter sounded like chimes and the happiness in her smile touched her eyes. Sasha was transported to another world. She reminded him of his own daughter, his only child, who was snatched away from him. All the bottled up paternal feelings inside him came brimming to the top now. He could feel a tear drop down from his eye, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. He began to walk towards the group of kids, and just then the neighboring door opened.

"Oh hello there." The man offered his hand as the lady behind him looked on.

"Hello, I'm Shekawat Sarin. Just moved in a week ago." He shook the man's hand.

"Hello, I am Shekhar Dutta. This is my wife Tara." He said with a smile.

Just then the cute little girl came running towards them.

"And this is our daughter, Roohi. Beta, say hello to Shekawat uncle." Shekhar spoke to them both.

"Hello Shekawat uncle." Roohi said with a grin.

Sasha knelt down with a wide smile.

"Hello Roohi dear, you can call me Sasha. You guys too. I hate the sound of Shekawat."

Roohi grinned more as her parents smiled.

"So what do you do Sasha?" Shekhar asked.

"I'm an engineer." Sasha said carefully.

"Great, I'm a travel writer while my wife is a journalist."

A journalist? He needed to be more careful now. Sasha looked at the wife. She looked attractive and sophisticated. He managed a weak smile.

"And what does Roohi do?" He pulled her cheek.

"I go to school. To study." Roohi said that so seriously that everyone started laughing.

"Nice to meet you Sasha, do let us know if you need anything." Tara spoke this time.

"Sure I will. Thank you so much." He was just about to go back into his apartment when Shekhar spoke again.

"Are you alone? Where is your family?"

"My family is in Indore. I am here for my work. Not for long. Just a year long project and then I'll be off." He lied confidently.

Shekhar seemed convinced and Sasha let out a sigh.

Sasha spent more time with Roohi everyday after that. They played together and he even read out to her. His mornings were busy, but he was free in the afternoons when Roohi came back from school. Her care taker was more than happy to let someone else watch the child, as she took her afternoon nap. In the evening, Sasha's proteges arrived and he was busy again. This was a daily routine and Sasha looked forward to the time he spent with Roohi. He saw his daughter in her and made sure he spent almost all his free time with her. On occasional days, the Duttas invited him for dinner and he happily agreed, just so that he could spend some extra time with Roohi. They never suspected anything about him and Sasha was only glad. Everything was going fine for him. But only until the day an envelope arrived to him that was partially opened. Shekhar has handed it to him saying that it had been put in their letter box by mistake. The envelope was glued back together, but Sasha was certain that it had been opened before and he thought to himself.

"Damn you Duttas. How much do you know?"

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  1. I so love your dialogues. They read very natural! :D
    And good going with the story! :)


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