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Book Review: God Is A Gamer

Image Source: Google Title: God Is A Gamer Author: Ravi Subramanian Publisher: Penguin Books India Genre: Mystery/ Thriller Price : Rs. 299 Pages: 310 What happens when you cross a gamer, a banker, a politician and a terrorist with virtual money? I had never read any book by this author before. I was told that he is good. The gist of the book and the intriguing cover piqued my interest. But having read some horrendous Indian author books in the recent times, I was really skeptical about this one. But somehow the interest remained on this one and I applied for the review. This book introduced me to bitcoins or virtual money . I was not aware of this concept of currency until I read this book. Either this is a new concept or either I was too dumb. Anyway, I have to thank this book for this new found knowledge of mine. This novel is said to be the first ever bitcoin thriller and I couldn't wait to read it. Having grown up reading Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie,

A Piece Of My Heart

Image Source: Google A pen is mightier than the sword they say. In the age of computers and tabs, the feeling of writing in a brand new book is something else altogether. The smell that fills your senses with each page is magical and hypnotic. Since my childhood, I have had the habit of writing and maintaining a diary. It gives me immense pleasure, when I write down my thoughts and feelings in a book. Typing a journal does not hold a candle to writing in your own handwriting. When the nib of a pen touches an empty paper, it has the power in it to make or break the content. The words that flow from the pen write a story and create characters. Feelings are then splattered in the page as emotions shape up to form lives. The hand glides smoothly along the page singing with the written word. Years later, when you flick through the pages of the book, you would relive the story in your own words and writing. A hand written later till date rates higher in the equation of love when comp


Image Source: Google Why let him take up Rent free space in your own mind He is not worth it He is not worth it Let go of the memories Release the sorrow Written for Haiku Horizons : Prompt - Release .

To Be Or Not To Be?

Image Source: Magpie Tales They sure do look beautiful The epitome of innocence known But I still have doubts about Wanting to have one of my own Children are a blessing they say But I have never felt the need to have one My life is complete in itself I don't need a daughter or a son I love my husband more than anything This love I do not want to share People shall call me selfish for this But honestly, I just don't care Having a baby is a huge thing It turns your life upside down I am so not prepared for this I do not want the maternal crown My husband shares my thought too We are not at all ready for this This is something we are sure about The choice is mine as much as his Although people rejoice in it I have seen some cribbing as well Some say that parenthood is heaven Others agree that it is close to hell It is different for different people A boon to many can be a bane to some But if you want somethin

Falling Forever

Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman I can feel the chill in the air as we sit and watch the still water, our hands entwined with each other. This place is serene and gives me immense peace, or maybe it is just the effect of being around you; since I gush like a child and feel pretty as a woman when you fail to take your eyes off me. It has been fifty years now and the feeling is still the same. And so is the magic. Fifty years ago, it was at this place that I realized that I had fallen in love with you. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Falling ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 24th October .

Book Review: Chaos Down Under

Image Source: Goodreads Title: Chaos Down Under Author: Nishant Kaushik Publisher: Rupa Publications Genre: Fiction/Corporate Comedy Price: Rs. 295 Pages: 277 This is the second book of the chaos trilogy, written by Nishant Kaushik. Apparently his first book, ' A Romance With Chaos ' was a best seller; but sadly I had not heard of it nor of the writer. This book revolves around Nakul Kapoor and his career at a Telecom firm called Bytesphere. And like most of the other Indian protagonists so far, he also is plagued by bad luck. The girl he loves, does not love him back. His boss hates him and doesn't approve his reimbursements on time. Such is this man's glory that one day he receives a call from a recruitment company asking him to take up an interview at, wait a minute, Bytesphere! This incident is soon forgotten and then, his boss Chirayu Chaudhary is asking him to head a team to resurrect the dying relationship with their Australian client Oz-Mobil

Having It All

Image Source: Google Best portrayal of gender inequality till now. So ladies, have you asked for that raise yet?  Gender inequality has always been a highly debatable topic, and I doubt if that would change in the years to come. First it was Pepsico's Indra Nooyi's " Women can't have it all " statement and then followed by the much hyped Microsoft CEO's not so soft words about women having to wait for their karma, instead of asking for a raise. Both statements make no sense to me. If a woman cannot have it all, then there is something that she is not doing right. I know this is mainly defined by the society as to a woman has to take care of home first and then her work. But do we conform to all societal norms? I am a working lady who works from 9 am to 7 pm, five days a week and at times this is extended to weekends and late nights too. In between all of it, I manage my writing and the household chores. I make breakfast and lunch before I leave t

Garden Of Love

Image Source: Google A bit of the water sprayed on my face too, as I laughed away in glee feeling the sudden chill. The water hose was having a life of its own, as it swayed in my hand watering everything that came in its path. My skirt was soaking wet by now and sticking to my thighs and calves. As much as it was uncomfortable, the feeling was beautiful. I felt alive. The roses echoed my laughter and their velvet petals embraced me. Strange enough, the thorns shied away and let me enjoy my time here in my little garden. I had set up this entire place all alone, with my family pitching in only to lift the heavy pots. I had mixed the soil and the compost and I chosen the pots and the seeds. I was particular about what plant goes in which pot. For example, I wanted a crescent shaped pot for my roses, as I felt that the roses looked more beautiful when spread across and huddled together. I had chosen many colors in them; bright red, raspberry pink, subtle orange and the sunshine y

The Honest Post - Phase 11

The story so far. Image Source: Google Once you have decided in your mind that you want to marry a certain person, nothing, absolutely nothing can change your mind. The commitmentphobe in me was gone for good and I looked forward to spend my life together with Cal. Apart from going back to the same house, we were living together in every possible way. After a busy day at work, I would meet him and stay together for as long as we can. He would then drop me home and head back to his place. Once my parents too knew about our relationship, things were more than smooth. My parents have seen him since he was born and they adored him completely. My mother cooked special dinner for him almost every day and I was glad that he was getting along so well with my folks.  Then came the day when we had to start off the whole wedding preparations from the start. The start here, means the bride seeing. According to the Tamilian Iyer clan, the girl comes to the boy's house, instead of

Luscious Red

Image Source: Google It symbolizes the heart and its beat It is the best feeling it is said This color describes love so beautifully That is the magic of this splendid red It is in the curve of the scarlet lips Talking and smiling with grace It gets smudged but never disappears After a happy and tight embrace It adds feeling to the texture of a rose Embossed with shyness and innocence The perfect gift for lovers of all ages The only present that actually makes sense It adds to the joy of flowing wine Oozing of love and pleasures within A single sip and its transports you Pushing you to commit the darkest sin It adds beauty to a newly wed bride Sitting bright and proud at the head Counting on a serious commitment Even though it remains unsaid It acts like a warning too Wanting you to slow down and stop If you do not pay heed to it You are forever sent to the top It remains the bond of life Flowing inside like controll

Chapter 26: Deliver Us From Evil

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here . Image Source: Google " It's Jennifer ." Tara re-read the message just to be sure again. Her eyes opened wide as she thought about what Shekhar was trying to say. Jennifer was the girl who was sitting next to him in the coach, that was all that he had told her. So, what did this message mean? Were they after Jennifer, or it was Jennifer after them? She thought hard to think about what else had Shekhar told her about Jennifer over their last call. She couldn't remember anything, except for the fact that she was a photographer. Tara looked at Roohi, who was now clutching the teddy bear hard and looking out of the window in glee. Roohi was a fearless child, and by what she had done today she had proved that too. Tara caught sight of the heli base and began descending down with a prayer on her lip

Music For The Soul

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields " I can't believe that you have turned my library into such a huge mess ", my dad scowls as he looks around in disgust. " Oh, come on daddy, this is exactly what I want to do with my life; make music and teach it to others, you know that ", I say grazing the piano with my finger tips. " So, this is your future ?", he looks upset and disappointed. " Yes daddy, I have this weird hunger within me, that only music can satiate. This is the hunger that comes from within my soul ", I say as my dad smiles and walks away. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Hunger ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 10th October .

Flying Without Wings

Image Source: Google Life is never straight It is filled with ups and downs I will not give up I will not give up For I have hope by my side Helping me through it Helping me through it It gives me strength to survive To dream and to live To dream and to live In the best way possible Without any strife Without any strife I have now learnt to fly high In the clear blue sky Written for Haiku Horizons : Prompt - Sky .

Action Replay - September

Image Source: Google It is six days since October started and I have written only one post? And that too as part of an on-going activity? So not good. Especially since September was such an eventful month and I have so much to talk about. But then again, work kept me impossibly busy and they blocked all other sites on my client network at work. That is what I call a catastrophe. That means while at work, there is nothing else. I cannot even use google or read any other blogs or do anything else for that matter. Most of my writing happens during the weekdays and it is usually when I am taking a break from work. But now since I have to switch ports to do it, it is highly tedious since I have a lot of live sessions open and will have to reopen them again if I do. And I do not like opening my laptop once I get home or on weekends. So I guess somewhere between comfort and convenience, writing took a backseat. Well, not anymore. I am going to use every free opportunity I get to write

Chapter 18: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here . Image Source: ShutterStock " Don't over-think. All will be well ." These words reverberated in Shekhar's mind. He had definitely heard those words before, but he couldn't recall who told it and when. The food on his plate was the typical Rajdhani food. Chapati, curry, dal, rice, sweet and papad. The food had gone completely cold as it had been more than three hours since it was served. The dal has turned watery and the papad all soggy. He cringed at the sight of it, but his stomach growled. He then realized that he had not eaten anything for more than ten hours. He looked at Cyrus and Jennifer, they had the same expression on their faces too. Nevertheless, all of them were hungry and they ate in silence, thinking about what their lives have come down to. Cyrus chewed hard on the chapati,