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Luscious Red

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It symbolizes the heart and its beat
It is the best feeling it is said
This color describes love so beautifully
That is the magic of this splendid red

It is in the curve of the scarlet lips
Talking and smiling with grace
It gets smudged but never disappears
After a happy and tight embrace

It adds feeling to the texture of a rose
Embossed with shyness and innocence
The perfect gift for lovers of all ages
The only present that actually makes sense

It adds to the joy of flowing wine
Oozing of love and pleasures within
A single sip and its transports you
Pushing you to commit the darkest sin

It adds beauty to a newly wed bride
Sitting bright and proud at the head
Counting on a serious commitment
Even though it remains unsaid

It acts like a warning too
Wanting you to slow down and stop
If you do not pay heed to it
You are forever sent to the top

It remains the bond of life
Flowing inside like controlled flood
A drop can make and break relationships
Nothing spills better than blood


  1. no better poem on red can be written! lovely :)

  2. RED - A symbol of love, passion and power! Beautiful poem on this lovely colour ;) :)

  3. Wow Soumya! You are too good ! Take a bow!

  4. There is no other color that spells POWER but RED. Powerful love, powerful passion, basically anything to do with strong emotions ! Nice one Soumya!

  5. Passion, commitment, responsibility, life. All of it resonates with red. Beautifully penned :)

  6. And here comes Fifty Shades of Red :-p

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    Thanks for a wonderful blog post! :)


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