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Anger On Canvas

Image Source: Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck 

For years it remained within
This anger of losing it all
Holding it within myself
Has been a reason for my downfall

But I had no one to talk to
Nobody seemed to understand me
I was left to battle it out
They don't see what I see

I was asked to not hold on to it
Everyone asked me to let go
How I could do it I wasn't aware
Would it help me, I didn't know

I chose paint to express myself
Poured out all my feelings with a brush
My anger slowly flowed out of me
Spreading across the canvas in a rush

This is what the outcome was
The aftermath of fire blowing smoke
It looked messy in every way
But to me this painting spoke

My anger was strewn all across
Within myself I now felt light
It is important to let go of the past
There is no point of an endless fight

As I see this painting here
I see how messy my life has been
I should have done this earlier
Instead of being all grumpy and mean

Now I'm ready to embrace the new
Will start life on a new happy note
I shall preserve this one for ever
This art work shall now be my life's quote

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 247.


  1. It never helps holding on to the past ... loved the positive message in this piece.

  2. I have tagged you in #WillYouShave activity by BlogAdda in my post Wrong Queue . I hope you will accept the tag and participate in this contest.

    1. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept it.

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Only you could paint an emotion so flawlessly :)


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