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Try To Pretend

Image Source: Absolutearts

It was a combined dream of ours
To venture into the world of art
Holding hands along the way
We nurtured the passion in our heart

I always wanted to be a writer
Your passion for words added to it
Working closely day and nights
We realized our dream bit by bit

Our love gave us the strength
As we scribbled away in joy
Nothing else gave us this much pleasure
Writing is one thing we both could enjoy

While I was stuck, you comforted me
You encouraged me to never give up
My words took time to take shape
You nurtured me like a mother to its cub

And then one day it all ended
Success chose to only come my way
I was waiting for your appreciation
But your eyes said what you couldn't say

A part of me died that day
But the words continued to flow
I was climbing higher in all the charts
But life had dealt me its blow

I understand your pain and hurt
But you can live your dream through mine
I do not understand your anger towards me
Why treat me like I committed a crime

With each passing day, you crept away
In jealousy your love was lost
Why did you have to prove
That success does come at a cost

Tomorrow is my big day
A book shall finally hold my name
Would you come to be a part of it?
Or would you continue to hate my fame?

Darling, this dream belongs to us
What is mine, is yours too
This doesn't change anything for me
My love for you was always true

How could you do this to us
Is this how our story shall end
Even if you don't feel it inside
At least can you try to pretend


  1. nicely penned lines on a very relevant topic. When jealousy creeps inside, a relationship is doomed forever. This reminds me of a wonderful movie called 'Abhimaan' starring Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan where they both are shown to be playback singers.

    1. Yes I have seen that movie. Jealousy kills a relationship.

      Thanks for always being the first to read Ankita!

  2. Awesome Soumya! I was missing these poems all these days :) I love the you rhyme your poems :)

  3. Beautifully written, Soumya. Like Ankita said, Abhimaan depicted this relationship so well and you added your own personal cum unique touch:)

  4. Oh man! I missed you
    Amazing as always!!! :D

  5. I remembered Abhimaan Hindi movie...
    Happens when husband & wife belong to the same profession...
    Great expression.

  6. Soulful poetry Soumya . this is something that happens when people from the same job background get married or fall in love. As much as this is to be shunned it should be kept in mind as a cheap presentation of egoistic tendencies and reformed at the ear!iest

    1. I totally agree. Thanks for visiting Maliny!

  7. This happens not just in writing...whenever there is success, there is jealousy, fake friendship, fair weather friends, and backstabbing.

    1. Everywhere it happens. There should never be room for jealousy within a couple.

  8. Jealousy does that even to the strongest of the relationships.


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